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    I know people who drink as much as 3 cups of coffee per day.

    I love coffee & would have just as much, if i though it was ok.

    To all Coffee-holics out there!!

    Are you noticing any long term side effects?

    (I realize this is the Coffee Room, No offence! )


    to much coffee leads to addiction and dependency, and missing a cup can cause shaking or headaches andd other withdrawl symptoms. its not good to be so dependent on anything even coffee


    From what I’ve seen, some people who drink 3 cups start drinking 4, then 5, then 6, and way up there. Just be careful, and don’t overdo it. My brother had a seizure, partially because he drank over 12 cups of coffee a day, (& yes it was related to the coffee, which gave him high blood pressure).

    To be totally honest with you, I sometimes have a cup of coffee in the morning, but it just makes me hyper, and wiry, (and I’m already a very fidgety person)

    p.s. I liked the “(I realize this is the Coffee Room, No offence! )” bit. I’m a sucker for corny jokes! (i’m being serious here, not sarcastic)



    Then again, there are studies saying large amounts of coffee (not sure if decaf will also do the trick) may prevent either Parkinson’s or Alzheimers.

    And it depends who you are – some people have more tolerance to caffeine than others.


    I was told two cups of coffee is fine by a nutritionist. Of course before yom kippur we all have to get ready by cutting down!

    just me

    While teenager is right, generally, 3 cups over a whole day is not a bad thing. Some studies say that (I really read this in the NY Daily News) Ashkenazi women who drink 3 cups a day have a 10% LESS chance of getting breast cancer. Ashkenazic women who drank over 5 cups a day have a 50% less chance.

    Personally, while I drink about 3-5 cups a day, the coffee I drink at home is only 50% caffein. I buy a pound of regular and a pound of decaf and mix it. I don’t like the feeling I get otherwise if I stop drinking coffee. Also, before a fast you should ease up on your caffein or you will get withdrawal symptems.

    Of course, if you get shaky, CUT BACK! Or just drink decaf.

    Hmm. I think I will have anouther cup now. 🙂


    I would suggest switching to decaf a few days before Yom Kippur


    Well said teenager…the same applies to smoking which is so addictive you feel positively awful without it…


    I read an article that claimed when studies are done about heavey coffee drinking, they refer to people who have 6 or more cups per day.


    Personally, I avoid coffee because I easily get addicted. I cant drink one cup. I drink 7.

    When I was working the overnight shift, it was impossible to avoid. By the end of my shift I was always shaky and sick feeling from the coffee and lack of sleep.

    Each person should decide on his/her limit. 3 may not be a lot for some, but can effect others more.


    3 is probably ok. I wouldn’t drink that much DAVKA to get the medical benefits. (Re Alzheimers: you can do a crossword or sudoku a few times a week also.) I don’t think that it’ll inevitably lead to more. If you’re getting nervous about addiction, try to make some fifty/fifty, regular – decaf.

    If you have sugar with your coffee you may find you crash at different times during the day and need more coffee, leading to a vicious cycle. Try drinking it without sugar, or as much sugar. I’m leery of artificial sweeteners, though I just read that saccharin was taken off the carginogenic list a few years ago. Seems to be the least of the evils and may prevent your crashing.

    just me

    aryehm, switching suddenly from caf to decaf will give you the same symptoms whether it is a fast day of not. You have to switch gradually. I found out the hard way when I bought a pound of decaf by mistake instead of my usual coffee.


    i am not a docotor or any thing but i was told by a certified labor coach that drinking 3 or more cups of coffee a day increases the risk of a miscarriage buy as much as 50%. important for woman to keep in mind


    Ocular hypertension.

    I’ve seen many people with bulging eyes. They were heavy coffee drinkers. A = B? Maybe.


    noitallmr, thanks I wouldnt know, never smoked but yes it has the same addictive qualities

    it always bothered me that wherever we are my parents need to stop and get their cup of coffee, even though its just coffee you shoulnt be dependent on it


    Enough about coffee, everytime someone talks about it I go for another one, I must have had seven today, GEVALD. No bulging eyes though, miss squeak. LOL!


    teenager: I agree it’s not good to be too dependent, (but it tastes sooo Goood!)

    shindy: sorry, bout that comment, i guess ur going for a refill now!

    yoshi: thanx! I dont usually do corny (but sometimes i just can’t help it)

    Thanks to all the Mavienim, i appreciate it, i guess 2 cups a day, would be a Peshorah. (compromise)

    Although I wouldn’t up my coffee intake for alleged health benefits, it’s nice

    for addicts to have a Teinah.

    now if only there were a study that found health benefits in smoking.

    (i dont smoke!) (believe it’s totally Assur!)

    Going to have extra strong cup o’ coffee before Selichois tonight.

    A Gutteh Voch to all!


    bein hasdorim,

    you fail to mention what one would/should drink instead of the coffe, i.e. would he drink coke,mountain dew,etc. or water- or would he just have an extra doughnut.


    Three cups a day are not excessive. If you are concerned, switch to decaf. But for ANYONE who drinks a lot of coffee, do yourslef a favor and cut back gradually before Yom Kippur, and wean yourself to decaf by a few days before, which will substantially help you to fast more easily without getting the headache that is often associated with a 25 hour fast.

    blue shirt

    To chasid of hashem, the information you received from the labor coach is correct, although more research is indicated.

    To squeak, your information is also correct as far as ocular hypertension goes. However, bulging eyes is usually indicative of a thyroid problem. This does not mean the person ingests too much caffeine, although for those who have a thyroid issue, caffeine is not recommended as it may exarcebate certain aspects of the disease.


    Bulging eyes could = thyroid issues. People with active hyperthyroidism should keep caffeine to a minimum.


    “Is 3 Cups of Coffee a Day Too Much?”



    Hi, couple points.

    “mayan dvash”, I remember a study where they considered more than 12 cups as big coffee consumption.

    I can relate that it is harder to quit coffee than cigarettes.

    Try cutting down by putting less and less coffee into cup, slowly (patixonichku).

    After quitting around 6 months ago, I feel less tired all day. I quit because I noticed my dependence on coffee, even though I barely was drinking 3 cups a day.

    All the best! Remember to pick your battles.


    It depends on a persons life style. Due to my schedule the only sleep I get is on Shabbos. I have it down to a science. It contains Red Bull (I looked in to it and was told that it was Kosher), Water and Coffee. I would say to cut back on it before you turn over to Red Bull.


    Anyone know if Red Bull is kosher anymore? I saw my (frum) workmate drinking it a while back and Im not sure, but i think there’s no kosher certification anymore.


    my personal reaction to even one cup of coffee is heart palpatations, dizziness, sweats and shakes- not pretty. i love the taste though, so why not drink decafe?

    interesting fact: you know what they do w/ the caffine extracted from decafe coffee? they put it in “non drowsey” meds- true fact!! next thread will be aboute OTC abuse….


    guys, I also wanted to know if any of you are drinking around 3 cups of coffee

    a day for about 10, 15, or 20 years,

    & are there any serious side effects?

    veimloachshuv: it would obviously have to be something caffeine based,

    to Satiate the cravings.


    If you don’t want to depend on loads of caffeine to keep you up and alert, exercise, and proper diet is also another really good (and natural) remedy for lethargy. Also, make sure you are getting your proper vitamins, especially, your B vitamins, and iron.

    I used to have very bad anemia, then I started taking a once a day multi vitamin (which contained 100% daily needed iron). That helped a bit, but I was still somewhat weak and sluggish all the time.

    I started running 5+ days a week (plus strength training exercises as well), and eating healthier, and now I have more energy then I’ve had in years.

    Just a little health note: stay away from too much heavy carbs that contain white flour (better to stick to whole grains, but not over doing it) and make sure you’re getting your full protein for the day (about 0.4-1.0 grams per pound you weigh, depending on how active you are). Keep your blood sugar balanced, by NOT skipping meals. ALSO, make sure you are getting enough fluids (and anything with caffeine or sugar do not count). WATER is the best!


    Any eitzos from someone addicted to coffee and is trying to stop?


    my parents went to an addiction specialist, i will have to find out what he reccomended


    Yes Gedalya. I have a simple eitza. Just stop. Period. You will have a miserable month or two and then you’ll forget all about it.

    No Chesbonos. No “quitting”. No “weaning off”. No buzzwords. None of that. Just stop. Do not take another coffee. Ever.

    Take it from someone who smoked rather heavily for 11 years. Last cigarette was Erev Yom Kippur 6 years ago, 2 minutes before the zman. Threw out the rest of the (almost full) pack and never looked back. I didn’t plan it. I just decided right then and there that this was my last cigarette.

    Good luck.


    LeiderLeider… – “No “quitting”. No “weaning off””

    I personally have used that method in the past, and it was the only thing that worked, because every time you get just a taste of it, you’ll want more and more. (Not just coffee, but anything you’re addicted to) Obviously everyone is different, and some may need the tapering.

    Although some substances are a completely different story.


    Slightly off-topic: A must-read for quitting smoking is “The Easy Way to Quit Smoking” by Alan Carr. Good Luck!


    Leider leider Thanks – but – Easier sais than done


    Gedalya. I wasn’t trying to undermine the difficulty of my proposition. I did it myself after all.

    I intended for it to be an official “method” of getting rid of the coffee addiction. Seriously.

    The method is basically not to think about it too much. Don’t “relish” your last coffee and don’t “schedule” your last coffee either.

    As you read this you may decide that you will no longer have coffee from hereon. You shouldn’t wait for later today, or tomorrow, or next week. In fact, you won’t even “quit”. You will simply “not continue” to have more coffee. It’s really, truly, that simple.

    Again, this method won’t take your headaches away, nor will it eliminate your cravings. But it’s the only effective method that works – for me. And hopefully for you too.

    Hatzolocho Raba


    depends on whether you are talking about cholov yisroel or cholov stam with your coffee. With some of the cholov yisroel out there, even one cup a day is enough to make you sick.


    LeiderLeider… It better be a darn good coffee if it’s gonna be your last!

    but I respectfully disagree w/ your solution.

    who’s to say later on in life you wont decide to have a coffee

    & then you’re throwing away all your hard work!

    The Kintz, is to cut down strategically, till your in total control

    of your consumptions as well as how often you do.

    Like this you don’t lose the sweet delicious taa’nug of Ka’aveh,

    & it doesn’t get outta hand!


    I can only recommend what worked for me. I was an avid smoker (1-2 packs a day) for 11 years. I stopped smoking using this method. 6 years and going….wasn’t nearly as hard as I imagined it.


    LeiderLeider… I agree with you totally about smoking.

    It’s is a terrible habit / addiction with no serious benefits.

    However Legabeh coffee, like i wrote above.


    There are substitutes for Coffee that may be healthier choices. Ginseng, Gurana Which is actually many times more potent then Coffee, I heard Noni is another possibility. Save up for a fruit and vegetable juicer, and start juicing for energy for life. Go to your local Health Food Store to explore other possibilities.


    I am off coffee since the sunday before yom kippur.


    I’m proud to say that I have never drunk a cup of coffee in my life. If you never start, you can’t get addicted. I think it’s a bad sign if you are so addicted that you have to start cutting back before Yom Kippur to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

    Any health benefits that may come with drinking coffee can be gained from other sources that don’t also come with addiction and jitters, like tea. Tea is healthy, refreshing and delicious (and won’t stain your teeth like coffee and soda!) But no matter which hot drink you choose, you should also make sure to drink lots of water throughout the day, particularly if you live in a hot climate like Eretz Yisroel.


    Re: jewishfeminist02 “I’m proud to say that I have never drunk a cup of coffee in my life”

    Totally nothing to be proud of, on the contrary you don’t know what your missing! I have one a day in the morning and it literally wakes me up with a real Geshmak taste and feeling!

    I’m not stupid enough to drink more then one a day because I know it’s easily addictive though.


    I forgot to ask – how big is the cup? As long as it’s not more than 20 oz at espresso strength, I think 3 cups a day is no problem. If it’s simple brew then an even dozen is OK.

    Ginseng? How can you recommend Ginseng, the effects of which are not even known? At least with coffee, it’s been around a while.

    Thanks to those who gave me the info on the bulging eyes. Good to know that it’s not solely from a preventable habit.


    Squeak, can you explain what simple brew is please?



    plain regular old coffee

    as opposed to say, espresso


    And people with thyroid eye disease should NOT opt for radioactive iodine for their hyperthyroidism. (Neither should any hyper person, unless it’s an absolute last resort or as part of thyroid cancer treatment.)


    I think twelve cups of coffee is way too much. I was told two cups is okay.


    Squeak- Ginseng and Gurana may be not the beverage as a Coffee substitute. I have used the herb in tincture, extract and chewed the actual root. I personally found the herb mentally stimulating. The health effects are questionable, so pass over Ginseng as a choice. Gurana is a herb with a similar molecule structure as Coffee. One cup of Gurana Tea is equivalent to 8cups of Coffee. I am not sure Gurana is a resposible choice. From my own personal experiance possibly Fruit and Vegetable Juices with the inclusion of Wheat and Barley Juices as a part of your Beverage regiman. Instead of an Expresso Machine consider purchasing a Champion Juicer. Besides the Rambam tells us it is a mitzvah to shomar the guf. Everybody must make a conscious decision if we eat to live or live to eat. I know this a little off the topic of drinking 2-3 cups of Coffee each day, but I thought that suggesting other possibilities might be healthful.


    My parents were both heavy coffee drinkers. I was disgusted by the smell and never started. Now, as my life gets busier and busier I have less time and less energy. Sometimes at night after my 5 kids (bli ayin hora) get to bed I sit around and nosh on one thing after another. Sometimes I get asecond wind and can conquer the mountains of laundry, bills, dishes, toys etc. and sometimes I end up going to sleep with a messy house. I feel like all I really need is a good coffee and it would do the trick but I don’t want to get addicted and besides it still nauseates me. Anyone have ideas of how to get a second wind without caffeine?

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