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    Came across this figure more than once lately from yeshiva Rebbes. I am not saying they aren’t entitled to it but as a Rebbe in a Yeshiva to me it seems a little excessive to ask for it? And of all people they should understand being strapped for cash. I could hear them saying,”I have a sliding scale, $75 for those who can afford it and I’ll work with those that can’t”

    Feif Un

    It depends on the situation. For a Rebbe, I really can’t say – I don’t know the market.

    I tutor math. I have a degree in mathematics. If I tutor someone, the price depends on the level I’m tutoring. If it’s an elementary school kid, it’s cheaper. If it’s college level calculus, it’s more expensive – sometimes even $100 for an hour if it’s really high-level.



    Depends what the market can bear and where you live. In town has higher expenses but more competition.


    A little excessive, but I’m assuming we’re discussing an experienced Rebbe. Otherwise, that price is over the top.


    Heshy- I think it is excessive. i guess it depends on for what subject and if the kid is disabled or whatnot. If it was advanced gemarra where the rebbi would have to spend hours preparing I see maybe 50. If it was an AP course or Regents, it still is high. Well, what is the rate for babysitting in your area? if it is 20 an hour, then I might see it. But it still is quite high.


    As a husband of a teacher that does tutor and one that has hired a tutor for my own children i think that the rate of $75 is fair. It takes a lot of preperation to get one lesson plan ready. My wife makes a different one for each student. It is also a major imposition on the family life as it does take a lot for everyone else to “chip in” while mom is tutoring.

    Of course, there are situations where she bends the rate. This happens when a third party intervenes on behalf of the family.

    I do agree, however, that as with many things in life, that there a those students that simply lose out because they cant get the help they need. The schools could provide tutoring but then they would have to pay the teachers and then pass the cost on to someone else.


    Is $350 excessive for a lawyer?????

    What in the world does prep time have to do with anything. You are not paying the tutor for punching the clock. You are paying him for making a difference in a kids life. I would think it depends on the tutors ability to take the student and get him where he needs to be. If the tutor can get the job done then it’s worth whatever everything. (if he’s just a crutch then….)

    When I am asked to tutor I say I’m not as cheap as a babysitter and not as expensive as a lawyer.


    Whatever the tutor costs, its cheaper than repreating the grade.


    Depending on the subject matter and whether or not it is elementary school or High School, the $75 is not excessive, from what I have heard. I know science and math tutors whoa re making $90 a session CASH. My husband is a special ed teacher who does not yet tutor, but he only feels he should charge $50 or even less because he thinks the families of special needs students have enough on their plates without adding the cost of tutoring to the mix. the bottom line, most of the time, you get what you pay for.


    The cost is not just be for the hour spent with each student. It takes alot of time to prpare and that factors into the cost.

    My firm bills me out at $200 AN hour for computer consulting….is that fair? The $200 covers not just my time, other costs associated with the job.

    The same as with a tutor….there are more costs than just the hour spent with the student.



    I am chargink please a hinnert in fifty tollar a shooh tzi lernen English to myne private talmidim far der Regents! Ich bin geven Lipa Schmeltzer’s a tutor and we are all knowink how git he speak af English so really this iz zeyr a gitte price $75 far tutoring in Torah.

    Seriously, that is on the high end for today’s economy even if it is deserved, and if you cannot afford it and cannot work out a reduction, there are probably bochurim who would be able to tutor kids for far less.

    Dr. Pepper

    The going rate should be what people are willing to pay.

    A friend had to take a physics class and he had to get an A in the class or his chances of getting into the medical school of his choice would be shot. One slight problem- the only physics course available during the summer was calculus based and he never took calculus.

    Now tell me- after spending thousands and sweating through a few years of pre med and maintaining a 4.0 GPA in relevant courses- how much would you be willing to pay me per hour for a crash course in calculus? $100 per hour? $200 per hour?

    (I didn’t charge him since he was a friend but he took the sessions as serious as if he was paying a few hundred per hour. He got an A and into the school of his choice. He’s also a Dr. now.)


    With the proper training, skills, experience, and positive feedback, that amount may not be too extreme. I’m guessing if the bulk of people pay that amount, there’s no reason for the Tutor to lower his price. Maybe do a little more research? There may be many affordable tutors out there, that don’t advertise as much. Ask around, check Luach, and local small time Jewish news papers.


    I think you have to consider whether it is steady tutoring, such as every day/night or occasional. Also if it is individual or for a group.

    $75 is really not that big when you consider that it is likely only paying for the time tutorinf=g and not reated prep and idle time.

    A teacher or a Rebbi often has at least as musch schooling and expertise in the area they are tutoring as any other professional has related to their field.

    It is unfair to say that teachers or rabbeim should be the first to drop fees. They are not very well paid in the first place and tutoring fees are very often the difference between covering a mortgage or not.


    Charge what the market will bear. That’s capitalism. If you don’t like it try a different tutor who will bid lower for the right to provide services. Why can’t we fargin a rebbe making some money?


    My brothers tutor is $100 an hour

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