Is anyone here going to Essen this week?

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    It may not be possible to have “See title” as your only text, even with a different thread title.
    Then again, that may only be if you’ve already used that as your OP once.



    You can use duplicative text in different threads.



    To answer your question, maybe. If I go do you ant me to pick something up for you?


    Do you live in Lakewood or New York, or, come to think of it, in the US at all?
    (I’m asking because of pickup/shipping.)


    You do mean Spiel, yes? (I was just curious, and didn’t think anyone would be going. I hadn’t thought
    about asking someone to bring something back; I’ll need to think about it and look into prices.)



    Ich gai yeider voch essen… nohr nisht Yom Kippur



    i assume you mean thursday night and cant promise but il try my hardest to be mikayaim the minhag. Il be the guy that gets chulent and kishkah



    Essen on Coney used to be called Essex on Coney, like the old Essex kosher eatery in Manhattan.


    Iacisrmma, if you weren’t joking, and did go, perhaps you can pick up the Dice Tower’s promos?



    Went to the 5 towns instead to celebrate a birthday. Sorry.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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