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    Is Biden a better president to deal with coronavirus?
    He seems more willing to face the fact that many Americans have died and that he needs to do something about it.
    Unlike Trump….

    Reb Eliezer

    Biden will not follow, before the vaccine, the crazy theory of herd immunity which infects people on purpose thereby causing an enornous amount of deaths from Dr. Scot Atlas, a radiologist, who knows nothing about the coronavirus.


    Not only does Atlas know nothing about the virus, but he recently called for people to “rise up” against the restrictions that are saving lives. Biden won’t have any advisors who believe in junk science or armed rebellion and that alone will be a huge improvement.


    Of course, Biden is better and not just regarding the Coronavirus.


    On the subject of coronavirus: Yes, Biden’s approach is probably better than Trump’s.
    That said, the coronavirus so far has been managed mainly by state governors, and they’re unlikely to give up their authority so easily.
    Also, Biden will be aware that the election was a close one, and he’ll be reluctant to do anything very controversial at first. I believe he’s already said that he won’t impose a national lockdown.

    Reb Eliezer

    That is a problem as people travel from one state to another. Federal rules must be recommended and enforced by withholding support.


    you people are INSANE! you must be rolling in the dough or something, but I need to work to feed my family…. iyh vaccine will help and no lockdowns will be needed. TAKE IT INTO ALL OF YOUR HEADS, LOCKDOWNS WON’T HELP ONE IOTA! the March April lockdown is all proof you need, most yidden that sadly passed away was during that lockdown….


    By Biden is a dull party loyalist who will do what he asked to do. If the party members want to do something crazy, he’ll be inclined to do so. If the “deep state” professional want him to do something, he’ll probably listen. The drug companies are motivated by greed, which means they embrace the narrative that makes profit (e.g. Covid19 is the end of the world even though the placebo appeared to be 99% effective suggesting the disease is more hype than anything else), and will pursue the strategy that maximizes profit (a disease, probably want that in 99.99% effective). Regardless of who is president, the “invisible hand” will motivate the private section to come up with solution, unless the government tries to stop them.


    @jewishcommonsense The lockdowns in March and April worked, but in NY they came too late. Cuomo and many frum communities deliberated a good week after Purim before shutting down, which is where most of the infections came from. Another issue was that huge swaths of frum people out and out ignored the lockdown, with “secret minyanim” and “underground weddings”. Compare New York to places that initially took it seriously, like Chicago or LA.

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