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    Apparently tons of people used to die from it, but now nobody does.

    There is no vaccine.

    So is the black plague a hoax? Or did we just get better at preventing communicable diseases from spreading, and so obliterate them?


    It’s not a virus. Its an infection. It is treated with antibiotics. Epidemics were still common in some countries until the invention of antibiotics during the middle of the 20th cenutry. A lot of conditions that could be fatal ceased to be problems when antibiotics came along (e.g. “strep” and tuberculosis).

    Whenever anyone talks about the good old days, remind them they probably would have died before reaching adulthood of something that not not result in you missing much school or work today.


    For certain we just got better at preventing communicable diseases from spreading. At the time of the plague science wasn’t aware of how germs spread.

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    It’s a moshol!

    Zionism used to be quite infectious and destroyed many lives. Thanks to increased education, it’s b”H been almost eradicated, and only the less virulent strain now remains.


    Smallpox was the greatest killer of all time, not the Plague

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    Is there a vaccine for the plague?

    There is a vaccine to protect people who are at high risk of exposure to the disease, such as military personnel under certain operational circumstances, or animal handlers in plague endemic areas. The vaccine requires multiple doses, frequent booster shots are needed and it can have significant side effects. The vaccine is not available for general public use.


    “Smallpox was the greatest killer of all time, not the Plague”

    So the plague did not kill many people?

    Even your first comment is not quite true either, because while smallpox killed more people, the plague killed a greater percentage of world population during those epidemics.

    And I suspect that heart disease has killed more people than both smallpox or the plague.

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    First of all, the ‘Black Death” was made up of several kind of plagues, bubonic and pneumonic primary among them.

    Secondly, people still catch and die from them, primarily in less well developed countries.

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