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    I don’t get the big deal about coronavirus. Considering that the common flu has not only a higher infection rate but also a larger mortality percentage so what’s the reason for all of the panic wrought by this virus? Why are airlines in danger of bankruptcy, stock markets in imminent collapse, and a general atmosphere of catastrophe and apocalypse prevalent? In short, why the ruckus about coronavirus?


    I for one am opposed to viruses in general.


    It is very good for those looking for opportunities to buy stocks cheaply. Some medical supply business should be doing well. Not very good for those who get sick and especially those who die. They will probably have a vaccine for it for next year which will be included in the annual flu shots.


    “Bad” is relative. It is good for medical supply companies, and great for stock investors hoping to buy stocks at a discount. Not so good if you get hospitalized and worse, but apparently for most people COVID-19 is nothing more than a bad cold.

    P.S. The airlines are in danger of bankruptcy since they have been over-spending on equipment, and one of their major suppliers sold them plans that tend to crash.




    Not bad at all. Thousands have died in a matter of weeks, but hey, who cares? As long as it’s not us.



    People die from it. That makes it bad.

    OTOH a silver lining is that it might drive Trump, Xi, and the Iranian mullahs from power because of their respective placing of their own political good over the health of their citizenry.


    The infection rate of this thing is many many many many (4x) higher than the flu. Even though, while I saw 4x, I also saw that one person here infects 400-500 people versus 40 people for the flu on average. But anyway, fatality rate? Who knows. In Asia, and China, they disinfect the entire cities, the buses, the subways, the stores, the trees, the sidewalks, and if you get it, you end up in those military hospitals where the doctors work themselves to death right there in front of you.
    Do you think your city is clean, disinfected, or has enough doctors and equipment? I’ve been hearing about doctor shortages and room shortages since Obamacare needed to be passed. And those sidewalks and trains? yuck.
    I don’t think we know anything realistic as it pertains to us over here until it spreads really good in a western country. I just heard cases jumped 50% in Italy today.


    I want to make it clear that I am not against the use of viruses to fight cancer or harmful bacteria.

    Doing my best

    Very simple:
    You’ve been listening to Rush Limbaugh.
    That’s how you came up with this, “also a larger mortality percentage so what’s the reason for all of the panic wrought by this virus”.
    So these are the real facts about the Coronavirus’s mortality percentage in comparison to the Flu. Coronavirus kills about 2% of recognized cases, that’s about 1 in 50. factoring in the unidentified cases it’s probably more like 1 in 75.
    Flu is more like .05% mortality rate. (about 1 in 1500)
    So 1.50% is a higher rate than .05%.
    I don’t know about inflection rates. i also don’t know where Rush Limbaugh got his numbers from.


    I don’t listen to Limbaugh and I know that 2% is bunk. I go straight to the source, most countries have electricity now and video cameras fyi. It’s 2% or less than 2% IF you can lock down a city for weeks and not allow citizens to go outside, and fly in hundreds of military medics to put everyone with a 99degree fever into a military hospital. You won’t get this type of treatment over here. We’ll see what the real number is when someone gets more cases than China or even Korea.
    Furthermore, why does everyone focus on the fatalities, what about getting sick? That does not look like a barrel of laughs. How many weeks out of work and in isolation is that? You haven’t followed how slow that recovery number ticks up versus the new cases?
    And don’t forget, while everyone else says to wear a mask, the CDC says to only wear them if you are sick. Although you won’t know if you are sick for 2 weeks, which is the period you are spreading it. That’s if you even show signs. And oh yeah, it might be as mild as a cold. Though I never had a fever with a cold, and since in infected countries they only pull people aside with fevers, I’d like some more background on this.
    Washington Post says transmission is difficult, the rest of the world says the R factor is a 4 versus the usual 1-2 as the flu.
    CNBC ER doctors says they’re still waiting on test kits. They wanted to test 100’s but only got to 30 something people. So, again, who is sick? Mail your complaints to them and everyone outside of the US who keeps giving us contradictory facts.

    I thought I understood the Torah to essentially say to guard your health. Wash your hands, clean the doorknobs, and don’t touch your face should be a habit already.


    And don’t forget, while everyone else says to wear a mask,
    the CDC says to only wear them if you are sick.

    I recently read somewhere online that masks are designed
    to protect others from the wearer’s sickness, not vice versa.


    Get Norton and you should be ok


    1. The Chinese government lies (and worse, believes its own propaganda). The Iranians aren’t much better. Since it has become a partisan issue in the US (the Democrats blame Trump for anything as a matter of principle, the Republicans will point out that this is another argument supporting their position against open borders, trade and China), the US response will be chaotic.

    2. The Rav in Iran can be trusted to be aware of conditions there, and he held that the epidemic in Iran was enough to not fast on Taanis Esther (note: it doesn’t all that much to be exempt from fasting on Taanis Esther). This is troubling.

    3.So far, it sounds like it is just as bad, but not, worst than the annual flu, though there is no vaccine. Flu gives people a bad cold and occasionally causes deaths. especially of those who are ill already. If Covid 19 is basically a second round of flu, there is no reason to panic.


    Which is probably the reason why only East Asians wear masks all the time culturally and they tell Americans not to. A problem of messed up values. But I speak of the nation as a whole, not those on the board here.


    Random -“I recently read somewhere online that masks are designed
    to protect others from the wearer’s sickness, not vice versa.”

    It works both ways. Since masks aren’t 100% protection – the more barriers – the better!


    The actual numbers are 3.5% of people with the virus die. Also, it spreads faster than the flu. And to those who say “no big deal just another flu” let me remind you that the flu kills about 10k people annually in the US. So, hey, no big deal if another 35,000 people, or even 20k or 10k or 5k people, die every year…. great logic there.


    The one country that’s doing massive testing — South Korea — has 50 deaths for 7,134 diagnosed cases. In other countries, only people with symptoms are being tested, at best. In South Korea, anybody can go to a drive-in testing center, where medical personnel wearing protective gear will swab your nose and throat. The LA Times has an interesting article entitled “What is the fatality rate for the new coronavirus, and why does it keep changing? “


    The University of Virginia just announced that on-grounds classes are suspended “for the foreseeable future”. Students are encouraged to leave the university and stay home. Only online classes will be held.


    I hope you all listened, and not to rumors and waving off that I am sure you heard in your own circles even to this day, the day after the emergency and prepped yourselves. Better safe than sorry, and “guarding ones health”. Keep up the hygiene, and keep everything scrubbed.


    Coronavirus is very serious and will end up killing thousands of Jews in the shtetls of New York who do not take this seriously. This thread is like a time capsule.


    In the beginning I also thought COVID-19 was exaggerated. Afterall, “don’t X amount die from the flu every year!” (I don’t remember the number). But I watch Dr. Fauci, who is the gov’ts dr. but says it is it is, and he explained that if you look around you can’t see how bad it is because untill it peaks we are always two weeks behind since a person can have the virus yet not show symptoms for two weeks. So we walk around thinking “gee I’m ok” and keep infecting each other.
    It’s been pretty stupid the way people continue to spread it around. I got my parents to no longer have our cleaning lady. Instead I’m cleaning for Shabbos and Pesach.


    The exact opposite happened to us! our cleaning lady cancelled on us! she said some kind of excuse but we all know that it was because of the coronavirus.

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