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    It seems that in some neighborhoods in New york, that people only care about you if you are rich. When was the last time an average peeson got honored by a Shul or yeshiva? In schools, if you aren’t rich and make trouble, you’ll get pushed away by your school; if you are rich amd make trouble, the school will work with you. It seems every political figure we vote for have to be the ones endorsed by the Rich agudah lobbyists.


    1. Why should you and/or do you care about getting honored by a Yeshiva? Run away from honor.

    2. Why do you care who a communal organization endorses? Ask you own Rov who to vote for and vote per his instructions. Not per a press release.


    Clearly, bitterness, cynicism and jealousy are not only for the rich.


    Its called human nature
    Do not put frum people on a pedestal and do
    not knock them off the very same pedestal you
    decided to put them on in the first place
    We are all just human

    Reb Eliezer

    Whether you do a little or lot the importance is that it should be done for heaven’s sake.


    My Rov advised me to vote in “joseph” as the CR Troll of the year!


    I see Joseph being repeatedly referred to as a troll. I have argued with him and gotten upset over one of his opinions but I fail to see where he’s a troll for posting his opinion and in this case he’s totally correct as well. Why do you referr to him as a troll for saying what he did on this thread? I don’t get it.


    It’s very understandable for mosdos to honor those who support them, they need the money after all and honoring people seems to be working for them as a way to bring in the desperately needed dollars. Personally, I don’t get why someone craves the honor, but after giving of a lot of effort or money to a mosdos I can see why some may want the acknowledgement.

    I never voted for who the “machers” decided the community should vote for, who cares what they say? That the majority of people do follow like sheep whatever these machers tell them to, is not these “machers” problem, it’s the people’s problem, unless they actually do agree with whom they were told to vote for … But you certainly don’t have to vote for politicians because others decided for you whom to vote for, just do what you think is right. It is more problematic the fact that frum people endorse politicians who stand for issues that are against Torah values.

    In any case, what exaclty does being honored and who gets to endorse politicians have anything to with being frum?!


    me ken yash plotzen till I got the username/password correct


    What does your evidently burning jealousy of rich people have to do with the title?


    I will say that in my experience and own observations. The first two complaints are categorically untrue. I’ve seen many honorees at many school dinners who were far from wealthy. And I seen many dedicated menhalim working with children who had behavioral issues and other issues who were not from wealthy families. At the expense of the school.

    I do not follow which politicians are endorsed by whom so I will not comment on that.


    Most dinners honor people to bring in Money, not as a reward, meaning they honor people in the hope the honorees bring other people in to raise funds.

    Money has to be raised somehow


    Philosopher: Thank you for your comment. When people call me that (or any other name for that matter) I chuckle and move on to the next comment. It means that the poster has no counter-argument but his heart wants what his head knows is wrong.

    FTR, in the other thread my arguments were 100% sincerely held as a matter of Jewish law and life as practiced throughout the ages. (And, no, contrary to your concerns I maltreat no one, not even a fly.) Despite the heated rhetoric in the course of arguing I think you’d even agree my position there was well sourced, and even if you disagree with it you’d have to admit it is a valid, strong and legitimate position, based on Torah sources. I might even yet reply on that thread if there’s something more to add. 😉

    I appreciate your sincerity.


    No problem, I always stick up for people when I don’t a reason for them to be called a troll or other such names. In this thread where you have said valid points to i fail to see how you were a troll. But I do have to say you stubbornly stick to your opinions so that could be very irritating to many people (…).

    Now I don’t want to rehash that old argument, especially on this thread. But as I’ve said, you cannot learn halacha from Tanach without meforshim. The term “master” meanz many things as I’ve PROVED on the other thread . You bve brought 2-3 sources that support your argument, but so have I ( you can check it out if you didn’t yet). I could bring more sources but since I never learned Gemorah and I’m not really in the mood for learning tons of meforshim now on this particular topic, nor am I interested in sitting hours online Googling this topic, I’m just not interested in bringing more sources unless I’m struck by enthusiasm to do more research. The bottom line is if there’s a heavy package and the husband wants the wife to carry it and the wife wants the husband to carry and they call up a Rabbi to pasken l’halacha if the wife is required to due her “master’s” bidding and carry the heavy package, the Rabbi will say to the husband not to be a shoita and carry the package if he knows what’s good for him…I’ve personally witnessed a Muslim woman carrying heavy grocery bags from the car while her husband walked into the apartment building with only the car keys in his hand …that is not the Jewish way. That’s IS a master and servant relationship and it is not, nor ever was, the Torah way.

    Neville ChaimBerlin

    They’re clearing modding out even the most tame of comments that agree with the OP. Afraid of losing donors or something?

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