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    Apparantly, Gateshead (Northern England) is the fastest growing kehilla in Europe.

    Why is it so?

    Do you live, or have you ever been to Gateshead? What is your opinion?


    I heard its a very bad neighborhood, lotsa drunk low lives…some of my friends went to Gatehead for Seminary..and they had some pretty scary incidents…


    Never having been to Gateshead, I can still say with confidence that E”Y is the place to live, with Gateshead charitably listing as a poor second.


    Judging from the growing enrollment and new schools in Manchester & London, I highly doubt Gateshead beats them. But I do think its fair that England Jewry is growing faster than any other Europeean place.


    Wonderful Kehilla, filled with Torah,one Chief Rav whom everyone loves and respects, tzniyus, kedusha and growing Yidden. The rif raf live in surrounding areas and for the most part are less intrusive than the members of the public school on ave. L and E. 16th in the heart of Flatbush

    Ken Zayn

    Something tells me that english gold blend (that probably refers to the number 1 gold blend coffee in england which is nescafe gold blend – which incidentaly is swiss) is a gateshead resident. Why else would he have the misguided view that gateshead is the largest growing kehilla in europe? Nothing can compare with yerushalayim karta d’shufraya, and anyway the fastest growing kehilla in europe is manchester, as it has been for the past 20 years. Everyone wants to live there besides Carlos Tevez… Unless you mean proportionally because every time another ten families move in it doubles in size??? Anyway if you want to discuss english issues, wait 20 years until the first frum british site opens. Ywn is predominantly for Big Apple news.

    Ctrl Alt Del

    I don’t know why any Jew still stays in Europe. I certainly don’t understand those that stay in Eastern Europe. Its a cemetery. A graveyard. The ashes of our people fill the earth there. I just cant understand it. It the equivalent of living in your burned out house that was set on fire by your own neighbors. Not only that, the house is still burning!!

    on the ball

    Ctrl Alt Del. The answer is simply because they see no alternative place to move to. America? There are many reasons why they wouldn’t want to do that. Same for EY until Moshiach comes.


    I suspect current Gateshead residents aren’t on the net.


    England is in WESTERN EUROPE not Eastern Europe and was not invaded by the Nazis and the only jews killed there where those who served in the RAF or BEF

    on the ball

    Zahavasdad: Very Wrong, sadly many Jews were killed in England in the Middle Ages. There was the infamous massacre at York and in fact very recently (its still on the news if you Google it) they discovered Jewish remains down a well in Norwich. The forensics show that they’d been thrown in alive. Norwich was also the site of an infamous blood libel which caused massacres in other towns. Jews were also killed in London, Gloucester and Bristol. May Hashem avenge their blood.


    England was also the first western European country to let jews in.

    Look up Oliver Cromwell. While jews were not officially let in until much later, it began under cromwell.

    During the middle ages jews were kicked out of England (even before France) but the fact of the matter is there were not that many jews there until very modern times (Basically after World War II)


    I think it is safe to say that any country that has had Jews, has at some point in its history, killed Jews.

    Except Australia.

    But that might be simply because their toilets flush the wrong way.


    Eastern Europe is once again burning with the fire of Yiddishkeit, although the small towns where many of us come from are indeed just batei almin. Leaving aside some regional pockets of ignorance or extreme nationalism, which you have everywhere, Eastern Europe is now one of the best places to live proudly as a Jew (unless you’ve got to have two pizzerias, three take-out places and four Chinese restaurants – but even decent kosher restaurants can be found in the big cities here.).

    The hatred in Eastern Europe was because of bad governments that riled locals up against Jews (except for Poland, where there is a problem because of an extreme Catholic church group and the guilt over collaboration – ditto for the more nationalist parts of Ukraine which border Poland and are the area from which Chmelnicki YMS sprang).

    Anti-Semitism is not in the people’s blood the way it is in Western Europe. Once Communism fell and people were free, attitudes changed. Communism also neutralized the old church, which was the other big source of anti-Semitism. The Eastern “orthodox” church that emerged after the fall of Communism doesn’t care one way or another about Jews. Where I am, the mayor is known for being a devout notzri, and he also goes out of his way to help whenever the shul or a moisad chinuch needs a building permit.

    Also, Islam is not too well regarded in this part of the world and Jews are therefore allies against what people see as a real threat.

    What I will never forget is how a ragtag nationalist gang in usually quiet Kiev vandalized a shul and a school around the time of the surrender of Gush Katif – because they saw Tzahal doing the same to shuls in Gaza and figured if Jews care so little about kedusha, why shouldn’t they have a little fun at our expense.

    Now, back to Gateshead – how much can the kehilla grow? Is there even land available for expansion? It seems to be a transient community – girls learn in the famous sems and go back home to get married, never to return – same for all but the top kollel yungerleit.


    To ZahavasDad: To say that the only Jews that got killed by the British during WW2 were the ones that got killed in the armed services is patently not true. While they might not have died in the UK itself, Britain has the blood of thousands of Jewish souls on their hands.

    How many thousands of Jews were turned away from Eretz Yisroel and Britain due to antisemitic British mandate and sent back to suffer and die in germany during the early stages of the nazis, and even during the begining of the war when the British definitely knew the Jews could be killed if denied asylum? How many Jews got killed due to antisemitic officers in then palestine who turned a blind eye at arab violence toward Jews? How many Jews suffered while interred at Cyprus?

    While Boruch Hasehm things seem to have improved, the brits are still by and large pro-arab with many having a polite antisemitic streak.


    Same for EY until Moshiach comes.

    How utterly sad.

    on the ball

    Mamashtakah – I hope you weren’t writing that in a judgemental way. Yes it is sad but unfortunately it is very difficult for people who have lived all their life outside EY to make a life there that is viable in terms of chinuch and parnassah. I say this as someone who longs to live there but cannot see a way to do this practically.


    Interesting post.

    As someone wo married a Geordy (person born in Gateshead) I can tell you that as far as I am aware, Manchester is the fastest growing community in Europe, not Gateshead.

    As for the community, it is warm, caring and heimish. However you must be aware that it is not for everyone. The kehilla is very litvish and yeshivish. There is nothing there that caters for anyone outside of these style of life.

    Also being close knit, you may not appreciate everyone knowing your business if you are a private type of person.

    If you are really considering it as an option, I recommend you rent an apartment there for a few weeks to see if it meets your requirements and tastes.

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    , brainwashed?

    they don’t brainwash, the just wash your brain!


    Derech Hamelech: America?


    Gateshead is Lakewood with a Geordy accent. Also without the lake…or the wood.


    How did we go from the Gateshead community to European History?


    Gateshead is Lakewood with a Geordy accent. Also without the lake…or the wood.???

    Gateshead makes Lakewood look like Ben Yrjuda on a Thursday night!

    ED IT OR

    Ben yehuda?

    I just looked on Google maps and apparently the nicest park in Europe is in gateshead (saltwell?) and if you look at it in satellite view then you will see some sort of pond/lake/puddle,

    anyway is lakewood really a place to live?


    Your asking a very general question.

    Gateshead or Lakewood might work for some people, and for others it wont.

    The same goes with any place!


    Western Europe is the most deep seated Antisemitism anywhere. Even Germany – it was only for a few short years. England alone has basically created the situation, with a little help from France, of the disaster what we now have in the Middle East. They alone decided to ignore the Balfour declartion of the League of Nations. They and a little bit France have created all these enemy Arab states that surround Israel today. Read from Time Immermorial to learn about the history. Why do the Jews love it there as opposed to anywhere else? Probably because of Gashmius. A lot probably have good businesses there, just like why Yidden in America love it here.

    As far as Frumkeit, nowadays most of the world is Democratic, so you can be as Frum as you want almost anywhere in the world!


    Lakewood is the place to live.

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