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    I am by no means an expert on this topic, but are the recent actions of ISIS (ISIL) indicative of a type of war discussed in Tanach? It seems really scary out there with what ISIS has done, is doing, and is capable of. Worse, they are expanding their operations far beyond the Iraq region.


    If you read more history, you would know that the sorts of things ISIS is doing are actually what many armies have done throughout history. That it is considered criminal by some countries is the hiddush, but not a new one. Even in the middle ages, many people objected to such barbarity (not that they stopped it). ISIS is actually fairly normal for goyim. We’ve been “spoiled” by living in America.

    The way Americans conquer countries by minimizing civilian casualties and helping the people they conquered is rather new and unusual (and note how the “left” is constantly denouncing the Americans).


    I think in this climate of anti-semitism and globalism we need to be more aware of what a simple Google search can turn up.

    On the flip side today I did a search on “Kosher windex” and was appalled at the results. Apparently “Der Shturmer” is alive (under a similar name) and there are anti-Semites that go to great lengths not to buy anything with a Kosher symbol.

    I just thought I had to address this.


    What caused you to think of googling kosher windex?


    I had a nevua last night — the answer is yes.


    I had one that said for commecial use only that I couldn’t find an ou symbol on. It was the “regular” blue variety that IIRC normally has an ou on the back of the label (seen from the other side). Many of the colored ones aren’t kosher. Windex comes in handy when cleaning tabletops etc.


    M:- Please let us know from your Nevuah on what date this war of Gog & MaGog shall culminate with Eliyahu haNovie & Bi’as haMoschiach?


    FriendInFlatbush: The Chofetz Chaim spoke about Milchemes Gog U’ Mogog, saying that it would be a three part way. The first being WW1 and the second, in about 25 years afterwards, a war that would be devastating to Jews and the third part, a type of war unlike any other.

    Terrorism seams to fit that bill very well, so it would appear that this is certainly part of Gog U’ Mogog.

    The Zohar says that Techias Hamaysim is supposed to begin between 210-214 years before the year 6,000. We are not very far away from that now, with so much needed to occur before that.


    mamale please dont eat windex


    Don’t worry, not eating it… I only use it on surfaces that may come in contact with food but are not a regular/frequent eating vessel.

    And although Google is my friend I find he doesn’t mind when I communicate in “shorthand”…

    Seriously I still feel YW shouldn’t have let that pancake comment through but maybe I’m being paranoid.

    comment deleted


    Thanks. Maybe I should have just asked for you to EDIT it…

    My aplogies to the poster, I think 147.

    on the ball

    Just a quick note regarding M’s comment that he had a nevuah:

    Shouldn’t you be careful not to say that even as a joke as technically you are now a novi sheker?


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    ☕️coffee addict


    where is this zohar?


    on the ball–I was thinking that, too. [Hahagos Maimoni hilchos avodas kochavim 5 os 1 b’sheim the yirai’im] I don’t know if it applies here, though, if he didn’t say explicitly that Hashem told him.

    rational jew

    I think there is no zohar but hes probably refering to the gra somewhere that splits the last thousand years into the 24 hours of friday and connects each “hour” to a medrash somewhere about what adam harishon did each hour. The end of the “hour” the gra says will bring the geula is 1947 after the UN vote but before 5 iyar. Probably a later hour corresponds with techiyas hameisim. I dont remember the details maybe someone can help me. R Avigdor Miller explains the danger of dreaming about mashiach is because we may not deal properly with the present and see the good in what hashem does now and instead say when this happens it will be good, which is not true ahavas hashem as the rambam quoted above.


    coffee addict: Midrash Ne’elam, Toldos 140a. You can also see it in the Sha’arei Leshem, page 489


    I’ve seen in several places that Russia is Gog/Magog. It looks like the Russians and Putin leading the attack on ISIS is in line with this.


    Iran is GOG. It doesn’t look like Iran is directly a part if ISIS


    No one knows. We’ll figure it out post facto.


    I Doubt it, ISIS is in my opinion to weak to be a real threat to Israel.


    oh i got excited for a second when i saw gog. I thought that was half my name.

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