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    In the US, at least outside of NYC where I am familiar, Saturday appears to be the most important business day of the week. From stores, malls, restaurants, to even white collar offices. Legal, insurance, accounting. You will never be hired if you can’t work Saturdays.
    (someone may argue, but this is not theory, I was just denied a 2 day legal job because I can work Sunday, but not Saturday. The work was subcontracted and ironically, dealt with an Israeli matter. Justice Scalia famously hired Jews who weren’t allowed to work anywhere else because they don’t do Saturdays)

    I’ve had some debates online with people overseas when I stated I won’t work seven days a week. I’m seeing a pattern in these articles about opening things up on Saturdays, and public transport.
    It seems to me, that Israel wants to copy the USA, where the workweek is 7 days per week and no one gets a break.
    Some of you may go on about the “secular”. So what? Once you barred anybody religious, saturday or sunday folk, is when all of these corporations went woke and atheist imo. It is good having Saturday’s off for Jews, religious or not.

    Is Israel heading for the 7 day workweek? And if so, is there anywhere to go where one can be Jewish and get a day off? Choosing between Shabbos and work is not religious freedom.


    From the point of view of the zionists, anything that would enable them to marginalize frum Jews and encourage them to emigrate is a fulfillment of a dream going back to Herzl. In golus, frum Jews can usually pick a career that allows taking off Shabbos, even if that precludes a majority of jobs. It is unlikely the zionists could manage a seven day work week, but they probably want one that includes Shabbos as a workday. A trend that has benefited Yidden in golus is the shrinking work week that a century ago was uniformly six day a week with Sunday as a mandatory day off, and for many jobs is moving towards a four day work week.


    akuperma –

    The only place the zionists you describe still exist is in your head and the head of people like you still harboring hatred to an ancient and mostly extinct movement.

    In todays Tel Aviv there is almost noone who has any interest whatsoever in imposing work on shabbos on anyone who wishes to observe shabbos. There is mass ignorance and that’s it, the majority of Jews in Israel observe shaboss and other yomim tovim in some way or another.

    Why spread baseless hatred?


    Not sure what level commercial or legal positions you are addressing. We have done multiple transactions with Israeli companies represented by Israeli counsel and bankers and I’ve not encountered situations where anyone on either side of the deal who was shomer shabbos had any difficulty finding accommodation. Even the closing schedules routinely took account of shabbosim and yom tovim. If you are talking about mid-level management positions in retail or commercial service companies or routine legal/accounting work for individuals, I’d agree that willingness to work weekends (including Saturday) is more likely to be an issue both in the U.S. and increasingly in EY.

    Amil Zola

    I’m not quite sure of your point. Non observant people work on Shabbos. Why shouldn’t public transport be available to them? Not everyone (in Israel or the US) works a straight M-F.


    Amil > Why shouldn’t public transport be available to them?

    Religious zionists, or at least people sympathetic to non-religious Jews, might argue on that. What seems inconsistent that those who reject Medina, do not see value in national movements, etc – protest shabbos violations. They don’t protest in Brooklyn, what’s the difference (from their point of view)? maybe someone can explain this to me.

    Amil Zola

    Thanks for your input AAQ. America has come a long way since the old blue laws, unfortunately they exist in some places in America to this day. Right now, I’ll leave this thread be since it is a greater concern in Israel.


    Davidf: As illustrated by whom they elected, the secular Israelis hate frum Yidden, no more and no less than they did 100+ years ago. The core belief of zionism is in having a secular Jewish state (a people free from the yoke of Torah of Mitsvos), and the continued existence of the frum community is incompatible with that. Note that Lieberman’s chief enablers are religious zionists, not the socialists or Arabs.


    Duvidf: Have you been following the news lately? How else would you describe Avigdor Lieberman and Yair Lapid (and all the people that voted for their parties), who are two of the most powerful politicians on the Israeli scene today?


    what is wrong with blue laws? why can’t all peoples enjoy a day off? They know they will be hayav misa if they do it on Shabbos so they chose a day before or after.


    Akuperma and midwesterner –

    Avigdor Lieberman is a sly opportunist who changes ideologies as per the political climate at times a friend of the charedim and at times not, in order to stay in power, check the history of his positions.

    Yair lapid has no hatred or interest in interfering with the lifestyle of observant Jews rather he is advocating for the interest of the less observant general public.

    The enablers of both of them are the Likud and the charedim who will not let go of their idol Netanyahu and no matter what insist they must stick to him to the bitter end and beyond.

    It is a clear fact that the moment Netanyahu steps a purely right wing jewish government can immediately be formed with around 70 members of knesset.

    One of the biggest lies in the world today is that the religious zionist faction of the government is making anti religious decrees anyone who checks the facts can see that none of Matan Kahane’s laws are violating any halacha rather quite the opposite.

    Most of the reforms of Matan Kahane is fulfilling the command of the Navi Hater Charzuvos Resha! Long overdue!

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