Is it easier to find shidduch in Israel?

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    For a an observant jew (male) in his late 20’s living somewhere in Europe with ZERO frum singles. Or maybe should I try my luck in London (the only place in europe with a sizable Frum community)?

    Burnt Steak

    Its better than looking on the moon.

    I once heard about some one that was convinced that his bashert was on the moon so he built an igloo to find potential penguins to join in his quest to go to the moon. Naturally he failed. He only got polar bears that were looking to go to mars. When he came to his Rebbe, the Rebbe told him that he was a fool for trying to go recruit penguins to go to the moon. Everybody knows that penguins are found in the south pole (and Pittsburgh). He was just searching in the wrong places.

    The point is that sometimes you think you need to go somewhere to accomplish a goal, when in fact you were looking in the wrong place all the time.

    You should really speak to someone who knows you and who you trust. Asking random people online will get you crazy answers. It could be that both places would be good for you or that you just need to stay at home. G-d works in very mysterious ways.


    Are you in touch with shadchanim in Europe (like in London)?

    morah reyna

    I went to EY for shiddduchim. My chosson came from Detroit. I did meet him in EY. He wasn’t living there, he came for a visit.


    It’s easier to find good kosher pizza in Israel than in Brooklyn.

    Shidduchim? I don’t know.

    And, btw, the British do not consider themselves part of Europe. I don’t, either.


    Easier in EY than in a place with zero frum singles? Well, sure. But there are many other places that also fit that description. London may be “best value” for you in terms of distance plus number of frum singles, but you don’t mention where in Europe you live or if you have family connections outside of Europe. There are many factors at play. You may also want to consider Saw You At Sinai, where you’ll have access to singles who live all over the place.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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