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    After reading a recent thread about a camp and how it turned into a fight about lashon hara could arise from it, why is it fair that when we post things we expect the mods to read it and accept it when it is poure lashon hara, only to have them delete it. Not only that, you are making the mods read lashon hara, which is totally unfair!

    How can we fix this!!!! I mean obviously it is think before you speak, but cleary that isn’t working too well….


    We don’t accept the loshon hora we read.

    I do -95

    I’m not mekabel.

    None of us are Jews so it doesn’t matter – 29


    i get that, but is it fair that you have to read it in the first place?? is that lifnei iver??


    Wow, that’s true…

    So I guess we need special mods like 100 that arent mekabel it. Though really I dont think its the best solution…


    We need another layer, the pre-mods. They will choose what to allow a moderator to read. And now, I’ll leave the looping and leaping for The Frog.


    Hi. I’m here. (nisht ingantzen)

    As you say – right on. The pre-mods, the (borei) pre-pre mods etc.

    Why don’t you let Syag – “tell it to me, I’ll tell you if it’s lashon hara”


    Haleivi how would that help? Then the pre-mods have to read it. Maybe people should just be cognizant of what they’re writing.

    I’m with you – 29

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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