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    Charlie Hall- You’re hysterical! I haven’t got a good laugh like that since Obama said if you like your doctor, you can keep him. Unfortunately, you’re a blind follower and it’s sad that you stick up for such a person. President Bush had his faults too and I admit there were things he did that I didn’t agree with(withdrawing from Gaza) The fact that obama doesn;t attend his security cabinet meetings or that he refuses to call Islamic Terrorism by what it is, is truly disturbing. Obama has 2 years left ( Thank G-D!) and he left us with a real mess.

    kj chusid

    Obama supports Israel so I don’t like him he’s made various pro Israel statements that I find offensive


    So some Obama haters hate him because he’s anti Israel, and others hate him because he’s pro Israel?

    kj chusid

    How is he anti Israel?


    To the opening poster: If your teacher believes that President Obama is the first president to put his feet on the desk in the Oval Office, then … you need a new teacher.


    Reb yid it isnt illegal for someone who doesnt speak English (or speak at all) to be Presdient yet we both know it isn’t happening anytime soon. Being Muslim effectively disqualifies you from being President (probably being Jewish too)

    kfb, nothing charlie said (in this post) remotely resembles “blind following” or even sticking up for Obama. All he did was poke holes in nonsense complaints people have against Obama. Are there legitimate complaints sure! That isnt what this thread is about. It is precisely about nonsense like “Obama is a muslim” or “plays golf” or “He was the first president to have put his feet up in the Oval Office” Let me guess you believe he is the first to use a teleprompter too


    obama is NOT malchus. a king or queen is malchus

    catch yourself

    I love politics, and am a staunch conservative Republican. As such, I vehemently disagree with most of President Obama’s policies.

    I also have friends on the other side of the political aisle who are equally emphatic in support of those policies. They, too, are B’nei Torah. Some are highly respected Rabbanim and Talmidei Chachamim.

    Regardless of what Rush might have you believe, there actually are substantive positions deserving of consideration on both sides. No, President Obama does not hate America; no, he does not want to drive this country into oblivion; yes, he really believes that his policies are beneficial for the country as a whole, and can support his positions with cogent arguments [and no, he would not lose a debate to anyone in the CR, even without his teleprompter].

    The important thing here is to realize that the President of the United States deserves our respect (even more than do all people) by virtue of the fact that he holds that office, not just for selfish reasons (hakaras hatov, chillul Hashem, future protection, et al).

    There is a machlokes whether or not to pronounce the beracha [with Shem uMalchus] upon seeing the President, but it is universally recognized that he is to be respected.

    It happens to be that any time we display disrespect for someone, the message our children get is not one of values (as in, “I disrespect those who are not consistent with my value system” – which would be bad enough), but one of irreverence (as in, “I don’t really need to respect anyone or anything”).

    It is especially appalling when people in our community display outright racism and bigotry. These have no place in the heart and mind of a Torah Jew.

    As a Rebbe, I don’t understand how it could be said that this discussion does not belong in a classroom; it is critically important for children to learn proper perspectives for life.

    I absolutely disallow even the slightest hint of disrespect for any person in my classroom; I wish that my students’ parents would cooperate!


    “President Bush had his faults too and I admit there were things he did that I didn’t agree with(withdrawing from Gaza)”

    Bush didn’t withdraw from Gaza. Sharon did.


    “So some Obama haters hate him because he’s anti Israel, and others hate him because he’s pro Israel? “

    Yup. Stormfront, the neo-nazi website, said early in Obama’s term, “he is powerless without his support system, and it apparently is AIPAC”.

    And the guy who dreamed up the “Obama is a Muslim” lie, Andy Martin, compared Operation Cast Lead to the Rape of Nanjing and the attack on Guernica in the Spanish Civil War.

    These are the people that the Obamahaters here are giving aid and comfort to.


    President Bush convinced Sharon to withdraw from Gaza


    Re kfb’s post that Bush convinced Sharon to withdraw from Gaza: what is your source for this statement? I have never heard or read anything like that, which does not mean it is not true). But if you do not have a reliable source for that statement, ….

    Rebbe Yid

    Golf: It may be true that other Presidents won wars or other guys got rich while playing golf, but Obama’s accomplished little while playing golf. If you’re doing a good job, then giving the appearance of slacking off will not be held against you. If you’re lousy, then every stupid thing you do will be held against you, and properly so. As in ordinary life, so with Presidents.

    Obamacare: Some people have been helped by Obamacare. Most have been told they would be helped, only to find out that their medium-priced insurance policy comes with a several thousand dollar deductible, so they have to pay out of pocket for everything anyway.

    Obama’s an anti-Semite. In reference to Congress’ bipartisan effort to rein in Iran, he told Democratic Senator Menendez that (according to the NYT) “he understood the pressures that senators face from donors and others”, implying that the Jews were bribing Congress to take a hard line on Iran. This is similar to George H. W. Bush saying that he was up against powerful forces regarding a proposed loan guarantee to Israel.

    Most Jews voted for Obama: So what does that prove? That Obama was a good President? That he’s pro-Jewish? Most Jews don’t care about Torah values, Jews, or Israel–they care about leftist values; so most Jews having voted for Obama implies he’s a reasonably good Democrat, that’s it.


    You can be fat and do your job at the same time, which can’t be said about golf. The only issues worth talking about IMO are those that impact job performance. And obamacare has DESTROYED my healthcare. Btw David duke thinks Obama use a rabid Jew lover, with many conspiracy theories. He also thinks that the Jews were behind the tsunami in Indonesia and that hurricane sandy was an elaborate insurance fraud plot by the Jews. Just ask bibi how much Obama loves Israel (not that bibi is trustworthy).


    everyone does it

    Daya Zooger

    We, as Americans should respect the OFFICE of the POTUS. All should agree that it is for the honor of the entire nation that its leader is honored and respected. Anyone who has ever been to D.C. cannot ignore the feeling of malchus emanating from those austere edifices.

    Thus, our president (as well as all public officials) should be regarded with respect, even if it is undeserved. It is not his as a person whom we respect, but rather the chair which he occupies. This should apply even if he is impeached by one body of congress, as long as he has the job.

    That said, the president is not divine, and his mistakes and shortcomings should be called out, either in a respectful manner, or in private.

    I should add that if your complaint is just for the sake of grumbling, better hold it. You will have gained nothing, and the wisest of all men advised: “Even in your [private] chamber, a king you should not curse, for the bird of the heavens will carry the sound, a winged one will tell the matter.” (Translation mine.)

    This applies to all Americans. As for Yidden, it’s best to lie low in galus (which includes the gola on our sacred land). “Hatzpinu atzmichem ad sheyaavor olamo…”

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