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    Is it permitted by law to sell store credit, or a gift card? (I am not asking according to halacha, rather – US law)

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    Probably, unless it says “non transferable”.

    Sorry for the useless guess 🙂


    Read the terms and conditions. Often it says “not transferable”, which would be your answer. Often it doesn’t, which would also be your answer.


    Depends if it says “non transferable” or not.


    “Probably, unless it says “non transferable”.”

    If it says “non transferable”, it may be a breach of contract to sell it, but it still wouldn’t necessarily be illegal. There is a difference between breach of contract (between two private parties) and breaking the law. Breach isn’t necessarily an illegality. The aggrieved party will, of course, have recourse for the breach though.


    I was wondering because on eBay they sell about all GC, Its an amazing way to save money.


    Unless something is non-transferable there is no reason why it cannot be sold. Sometimes a gift card is tied to a promotion through someone’s purchase of a service of some type. It might require ID in order to be used. In that case, they really should not sell such a card, as the person to whom they are selling did not buy the service. The latter is just my personal opinion. If it IS transferable, no one cares who uses it.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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