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    Isn’t this fun?

    (The birth certificate)


    ya it’s so crazy!


    On the White House website about this:

    it says:

    “the President directed his counsel to review the legal authority for seeking access to the long form certificate and to request on that basis that the Hawaii State Department of Health make an exception to release a copy of his long form birth certificate. They granted that exception in part because of the tremendous volume of requests they had been getting.”

    I find this peculiar. Obtaining ones own long-form birth certificate is the right of any person. So this business about his counsel needing to request “an exception” to obtain it, raises more questions than answers.


    Let’s put it this way…

    If you needed to produce YOUR birth certificate for some reason, (like to get a driver’s license, or a passport)…


    ’nuff said.


    i cant believe the white house would release a fake birth certificate, but with obama anythings possible


    the question is, why was it held back all this time?


    fake,fake…… everybody shout fake……..


    not real, fake . don’t trust him for a minute.

    anon for this

    I believe that the birth certificate is real, as was the short form released years ago. As to why President Obama didn’t release it earlier, I think it provided him with a useful distraction from real issues as well as a complaint against his political enemies. As long as people are obssessing about the birth certificate, they are not raising issues regarding his presidency and policies. Also, since most Americans (correctly) believed before this that President Obama was born in this country, the accusations of the “birthers” was a great way to discredit much of the President’s Tea Party opposition. Many Americans who might otherwise have agreed with Tea Party issues were put off by the “birther” claims, which got more publicity than most Tea Party issues because they were so sensational.

    As to why the President released the long form now: I’m not sure, maybe he was afraid Donald Trump could do some real political damage, and wanted to forestall that. Or maybe, like he said, he felt that the rumors were distracting from the political goals he’d like to accomplish.


    Perhaps it belongs to a person named Barack Hussain Obama, who’s identity was just stolen, which special permision from Hawaii.


    Mewho – That’s what made me go from believing that he was born in the US to not believing he was born in the US. Why hold back evidence for 1 of the 3 things that prove you have the right to become president?


    EVEN IF Obama was born in Kenya, he is a natural citizen of the U.S., a citizen from the moment he was born, as his mother was a U.S. Citizen at the time of his birth.

    If your mother and grandparents and great-grandparents are all U.S. Born citizens, and your mother goes on a vacation overseas and gives birth to you early over there, you are a natural citizen from birth.

    Bar Shattya

    being a citizen from birth is not the requirement necessary to be president. oops.


    In order to be president its not enough to be a natural citizen, you need to be born in the USA.


    Canine – You’re right about the citizenship requirements, but the presidency requirments are slightly different; a person born outside of the US & it’s territories has to have US citizens for both parents.

    This is why there wasn’t much concern for McCain being born in Panama (which was US territory at the time).


    Being a citizen from birth is the definition of a “natural born citizen” (irregardless of the country of birth.) So, yes in fact, being a citizen from birth is the requirement to be President. (Along with being at least 35 years old, etc.) You do not need to born in the USA (or its territories). (In fact, and as an aside, John McCain wasn’t either born in the U.S., and ran for President.)


    Canine – You’re right about the citizenship requirements, but the presidency requirments are slightly different; a person born outside of the US & it’s territories has to have US citizens for both parents.

    Source, please? All the Constitution says is that you have to be a “natural-born citizen.” Please cite the relevant statute that a person born to one US citizen is not a “natural born citizen WRT the Constitution’s eligibility requirements.

    The Wolf


    He didn’t release it until now because he’s a smart politician. As long as the birthers were giving him a hard time he had an easy way to discredit the republican party. Not he can shut them up just in time to campaign on having discredited his oponents.

    Dave Hirsch

    I am not a Birther. Period. I don’t care where President Obama was born. I don’t think it will affect the outcome of the upcoming election (perhaps it can have a backlash against the Republicans) and don’t believe that it is an issue that will have an effect on this country’s future. President Obama has been a failure. We have tripled our debt since he was elected, and government has just gotten bigger and more bureaucratic. We are heading toward inflation that might very well, along with sky-high unemployment, get us into a double-dip recession and stagflation. Rising gas prices and declining property values aren’t making matters better. We ought to listen to the warning coming from S&P rather than jumping when The Donald ruffles his feathers. The world is also less safe since President Obama took office with the upheaval in the Middle East and North Africa. We must show the American public that we cannot afford another four years under President Obama no matter where he was born.

    Additionally, I do believe that President Obama was born in the United States. As Mike Huckabee rightfully pointed out, the Clintons (the ones who started the Birther movement, by the way) would’ve already made his foreign birth a last attempt to clinch the nomination. We must also take into consideration that even a shocking discovery regarding a foreign birth will not stop Obama from being President. Such a discovery will probably make things more complicated and simply cause lengthy court rulings what the definition “Natural-Born Citizen” is.


    Please cite the relevant statute that a person born to one US citizen is not a “natural born citizen WRT the Constitution’s eligibility requirements.

    Here is a link to the federal district court which ruled on McCain’s eligibility. The court noted the issue of whether someone born a citizen outside the country could be president, and did not decide it, dismissing the suit for lack of standing.

    However, it does provide a good roundup of the authority on the issue.

    The Google scholar link is

    The citation is 566 F.Supp.2d 63

    pascha bchochma

    I agree with Obama that it’s a waste of time to make a big deal about this. People remember him being born in Hawaii.

    Bar Shattya

    pascha bchochma- People remember him being born in Hawaii.

    Oh yeah? I suppose that makes the birthers wackos then, right?

    Because the people who “remember” it aren’t wackos, right?

    What if someone remembered him being born in Kenya?

    Like maybe his grandmother for example (who said she remembers him being born in Kenya and then died of “natural causes” the day before the election)?


    Wolfish, I actually just went looking for the source(s)…but after scratching my head trying to grasp the logic behind either side of the argument (since I still don’t understand why it took 2 years to get the real BC out), I have decided to forfeit my previous stance & am declaring that Barrack Hussein Obama be allowed to keep his title as President.

    Anyhow, I just saw Trump on TV. He is a real class act! He said:

    Bar Shattya

    The real point to be made here is that the head of the executive branch has no respect for the law.

    This is especially disturbing when the law would seem to have been established to ensure that the president be a patriot.

    Makes one question his loyalties.

    (His loyalties aren’t the only thing that this makes a person question, and this isn’t the only thing that makes a person question his loyalties.)


    Obama is a sly one. If only underhandedness somehow was beneficial to this country he would be a great president. Unfortunately we won’t feel the full brunt of the carnage he causes until he is well out of office since he is a cover up artist and name the blame specialist. He has not one concrete accomplishment since he came into office ( or beforehand as senator) and has made many a blunder including burying us in debt. His biggest strength is the all powerful biased media. Heaven help us.

    Bar Shattya

    It appears to me the only solid kasha here is the first one.

    Explained in other words I think the kasha is- and if it isnt theirs its mine: The bc gives the appearance of being curved at on the left margin. this should appear should cause the entire left margin to curve lightly in appearance (as anyone who has read photocopied mareh mkomos knows). If you look at this link what they have done is put more of the green background on the left of the actual doc. the pattern matches up. It shouldnt. The pattern of the actual doc should curve and end up slightly below the superimposed pattern.


    So Obama used smoke and mirrors too?


    Donald Trump had the last laugh. Who, in 2011, ever thought he’d be president today?

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