Is it socially responsible to repel mosquitoes?

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    If you wear a mosquito repellent, mosquitoes will avoid you and bite someone else. Is it your fault if someone is bitten by your mosquito?


    If someone shoots at you and you duck the bullet will hit the guy behind you. It is permissible to duck?


    Joseph: No, actually. Mai Chazis


    Its environmentally irresponsible. You’re messing up the ecosystem.

    Same if you fight off a polar bear.


    Female mosquitoes bite us because our blood contains an amino acid that helps them lay eggs to create a new generation of irritating, bloodsucking nuisances.

    If you don’t contribute your blood, that’s one less chance they get.

    Swat the mosquito, please.


    To the opening poster: Is it socially irresponsible to let your kids be bitten by mosquitoes and increase the risk of contracting West Nile virus or other diseases? Maybe you should learn the obvious before you learn Torah.


    Who says I learn Torah? For all you know, I spend all my spare time studying the phone book. And I posted about mosquito repellent, not killing mosquitoes.

    Little Froggie

    Sam: I have to disagree with you on that one. I don’t think mai chazis would apply there, when one’s sole action is removing himself from danger.


    Is it socially responsible to secure our belongings, thieves will move on and look for an easier target. Is it your fault if somebody else gets robbed?

    I think this question could be asked about anything we do that makes safer,healthier,wealthier etc.


    If you would zap the mosquito with a bug zapper, it would keep you and your neighbor safe.


    Why don’t the animal rights activists care about insects? Is this proof of misplaced priorities?

    Mosquito repellant should be banned. Donating blood saves one life but witholding use of insect spray enables the birth of hundreds of living creatures.


    Mosquito repellent causes the mosquito to bite another person or animal. Besides, the animal rights activists alter cats and dogs to prevent them from having kittens/puppies. If they would care about mosquitoes so much they would soon be extinct.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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