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    I saw someone remove K9 filter in 3 minutes without having the password… is that a reliable filter?


    only 3?


    How did he remove it? It’s supposed to be a reliable program so if you have evidence proving the opposite do tell. I would very much like to know if my kid can bypass it that easily.


    You CAN uninstall k-9 without entering a password, however, (this comes from the k-9 website)…


    You want to uninstall K9 Web Protection on a Windows computer.


    Please follow the instructions below to uninstall K9 Web Protection. Make sure you are connected to the internet before uninstalling K9 so your license can be released. If this is not possible, you can continue to uninstall, but you will need to request a new K9 license if you want to reinstall K9 in the future.

    Click Start

    Click Control Panel. If you can’t see this option, it may be under “Settings”

    Click Add or Remove Programs

    Find Blue Coat K9 Web Protection in the list of programs and click it once.

    Click the Change/Remove button.

    Click Yes when you are asked whether you want to completely remove K9. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO UNINSTALL WITHOUT A PASSWORD. By design, K9 will block all Internet access should one attempt to uninstall without using a password. Attempts to modify K9 at a registry level will have the same effect.

    Enter your K9 administration password and click Uninstall. If you forgot your password, click the “Forgot Password…” link to have a temporary password emailed to you.

    When asked whether to reboot your computer, click Yes

    After rebooting, K9 will be completely uninstalled.

    So, technically, while ANYONE can uninstall K-9 in 3 minutes, or less, web access is still blocked.

    I wonder how K-9 would react to an attempted system restore, to a restore point prior to k-9 installation?


    That is not true. You CAN remove it without a password and STILL have internet access unfiltered.

    I won’t give exact details but basically you need to go to services and disable k9 there then go to system32 and delete a single dll file and restart the PC that’s it!


    The skills needed to remove K9 are the same as the skills needed to remove malware. Although signature based scanners don’t view K9 as malware, method based scanners will detect changes made by K9 and can safely undo them.

    Eli Mansour

    I can disable K9 in 30 seconds and then put it back and no one would know it was ever disabled.

    I wont write exactly how, but basically you disable a service delete one file restart and its gone, and to put back just enable that service put back file.


    And if you believe your kids will go to these lengths to bypass your filters, there use of the internet filtered or otherwise, is the least of your problems.


    So the question is are ANY filter 100% safe?


    I’m wondering – at least to know if you’re kids are up to something, could you have a program that just logs traffic, and if kid was not aware it was there wouldn’t go disable it, so at least you could be aware if a problem starts ?


    yes there are many monitoring programs out there like ebalster keyloggers etc – just google it and do it.


    they are very easy to knock out – install an overzealous antivirus and poof there it goes. this will only work for one time.


    Filters only go so far. If someone, an adult, your child, spouse, anyone REALLY wanted to view objectionable material, they can go to the library a( and many other places) and view to their hearts content.

    At the asifa they stressed sur merah, but they also touched on “asey tov”. While not much time was spent on it, the Skverre Rebbe Shlita is on record as saying children filled with yiras shamayim and a love of yiddishkeit are not likely to be drawn to the internet or be ensnared by it. Rav Waxman repeated a similar story with the Amshinover Rebbe Z’l. If there was no void to fill it wouldn’t be filled with content available online.

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