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    There are lots of boosters out there and I’m wondering if once they got to 27, they just kept adding more boosters for fun.


    if they continue the $100 per shot program, i am willing to do one a week


    Research finally can make shalom between those who want to vax everyone and those who insist on their natural immunity rights. British research from ZOE Covid Study app show that
    that is, if someone had COVID and a vaccine does not need a booster.

    To recap, previous data was inconsistent whether COVID == VACCINE – some studies say one is better, some another. This makes sense due to high variability of effects of COVID – it could be mild or severe, short or long, etc. So, the results of the study may hinge on how you define “exposure” and average exposure at a particular time and location.

    BUT, when you combine COVID with a Vaccine, vaccine provides consistent protection, so variability of COVID exposure is less affecting the result.

    Bottom line – those who had COVID should get one or two vaccines when they are 6-12 months out.
    Also, there are papers saying that more time between 2 vaccines are better.

    Disclaimer, of course: this is not a medical advice, just an input for talking to your doctor.


    yes but not against the Upsilon variant ( coming out in 2024) you need to get the 28th booster to combat that.


    > not against the Upsilon variant

    worldwide cases go up again (3rd peak), but deaths are decreasing daily from May to the currently 2000 level and hopefully will continue down further. Hopefully, this is due to worldwide vaccine deployment – 45% of the world had at least 1 dose (USA is 10% above that, great job!) – and thus will continue decreasing. This lower level of severe disease reduces chance of developing new variants. Of course, if the variants are coming from a lab, then we would either continue jabbing or Pres Trump will nuke the lab in 2025. We can also try teshuva …


    I know people who have had natural immunity and got covid again but with milder symptoms. This has nothing to do with the vax. As the varients mutate more and more, they are less and less potent.


    Why would someone who had COVID need a booster when they admitted that boosters lose effectiveness in about 6 months. It the antibodies still keep up, then why take something extra which anyway won’t last as long. Makes no sense at all. Most people with antibodies still have strong antibodies.


    Phil, Right,
    disease and vaccines have similar effects on the immune system – they both create antibodies that decrease with time and variants, and they also create B and T cells that do not attack virus immediately upon entering the body but provide some protection against severe disease. There might be differences – which one is waning faster and how much antibodies are created, but differences are smaller than similarities. Protection from B and T-cells are hard to measure, so less is understood about them.

    One difference is that disease may do invisible internal damage and thus a second disease may _sometimes_ be really bad. I know people who sneezed first time and ended up in ICU second time.

    So, bottom line – if 6-8 months passed after your last immune stimulation by either of them, you should at least measure antibodies and possibly get a vaccine – and behave more responsibly.

    Timing is not surprising. Overall, most similar viruses, both disease and vaccines, give protection on the order of a year. People have colds annually … I do have a feeling though how COVID differs from normal colds: neither my wife or me went to big schools or attended tishes. And kids were at home until school. When our oldest kids went to school one year, we evidently encountered “new to us” viruses – and the whole family was sick for several months, a much harder hit than an occasional cold.


    Is there any data how getting healthier (or younger) affects you? Getting rid of weight, reducing blood pressure whether medically or through exercise? I realize CR may not be the best place for such questions, though.


    yo philosopher
    why did you steal my name?!?!?!?
    and about the vaccine:
    the 27th vaccine is extremely effective against the Upsilon variant! Didn’t you do research?!?!?


    27th booster is good to some degree but it’s strongly advised to get the 28th


    AAQ, I’m not sure about traditional vaccines, but cell based vaccines (which all covid vaccines currently are) do not produce b and t memory cells while natural immunity to covid does.

    Your family being sick for months is exactly why lockdowns and social distancing is not a solution to preventing the spread of viruses. Immune systems grow weaker with masks, social distancing, and lockdowns. People should build up their immune systems naturally, not weaken their immune system by staying away from society or being injected with experimental vaccines. I do understand why older people would want to take the covid vaccine (personally I would not choose to do so would I be over 65 years of age), but I’m totally against mandatory vaccination.


    philosopher, what is the source of all this information?
    all vaccines not producing b and t cells while there are papers measuring them?
    can I also translate your suggestion that you borrowed somewhere (could you tell from where, please, so that I can check the source myself) into plain English:
    “people should get sick with a new unknown virus instead of keeping away from it or being injected with any of the fully approved vaccines already successfully used by hundreds of millions of people”.


    I looked up again history of withdrawn vaccines and medicines. There are quiet a number of medicines that were withdrawn after multiple years of use as long-term complications were discovered. In contrast, the only problems that ever existed with vaccines were either near-term that were discovered by observing early tests within a year, or manufacturing problems. During last several decades, there were several times when a vaccine was withdrawn or stopped, but later analysis showed that there was no problem after all.


    AAQ, I’ve read a few articles that say that these vaccines does not price b&t cells. I can look up sources later.

    I’m certainly not saying advocating for people to willfully get covid. I’m saying billions of people got covid despite wearing masks, despite lockdowns and despite social distancing. Unless you and your family plan to live in protected bubbles your entire lives, eventually you will most likely at some point become infected with covid, unless you will be one of few exceptions who won’t get it, but the majority of will get sick with covid as they do with a virus that travels quickly and easily as covid does. And of course, thousands of people got covid even after taking the covid shot and that number will rise the further away we get from the initial doses. Which leads us to a 27th+ booster shot which will still not prevent people from getting covid.


    HaravPhil, how could I have possible stolen your name when I’ve had this using this name for 10+ years? 🙂 I cannot even believe I created an account so long ago…but I just checked and that’s actually the case.


    Actually you dont have to take the 27th booster its up to you, but i heard you will lose vaccination status and green pass even though you have the rest of the 26. So if you choose not to keep others safe by not taking the 27th, dont complain.


    Not related to the thread, but I always see my grammar and spelling mistakes after I post my comments… Sorry, there’s no option edit the mistakes. I hope my comments are understandable.


    FDA advisors had a an interesting meeting on Friday discussing heterogeneous vaccines and their effect on antibody levels 1 month after booster.
    notes (disclaimer: I am not a real doctor)
    – J&J followed by mRNA gets to almost same high antibody level as mRNA booster (i.e. 3 total) – a month after booster, they are continuing observations. Delta included in this. Seems like J&J and mRNA gives much higher antibodies that two J&Js that were also approved Friday
    – most heterogeneous results are same or better than doing same vaccine
    – while J&J had lower antibody count than mRNA 1 month after, it kept the level 6 month later better
    – they are not sure how B and T cells affect immunity in addition to antibodies.
    – FDA would like to move very slow. Instead of asking a question “should we approve that”, they first asked “give us your ideas” and when pushed back, formulated a question “what additional information you would like to see”. The answers were mostly – this is good enough, stop asking us, just do full authorization, so that doctors could make free decisions instead of being afraid.

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