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    Is chest pain brought on by abuse that lasts (intermittently) for over a week a genuine cause for concern, or just the body’s physical reaction to emotional pain, and that’s all? Made an appointment just in case, but does anyone know?


    I don’t know but try to relax before the fast starts. It’s too late now, but, I would take something (meds) to relax. Please check with a doctor to see what’s going on. Wishing you a refuah shelaima and an easy fast.


    Got someone to get her to stop finally, but I need to block the e-mails somehow, because she might continue bombarding me after Yom Kippur:(


    Chest pain persisted til middle of last night,thank goodness not past then. (Gonna keep the appointment anyway)But wow, getting trashed by another human being(?) just hours before Yom Kippur was NOT easy. I had to struggle with all the negativity it flooded me with, YET DAVEN MY BEST FOR forgiveness(from Hashem) and plead for an easier year,at the same time.Being accused falsely of a dozen perverse things, without having done ANY of them, and having the good things you say twisted unrecognizably by someone who claims to represent her entire family,extended family, and the world at large….is a taste of gehinnom. May it be my kapara for the YEAR, and may Hashem shower me AND ALL OF YOU with rachmonus we can understand and feel (in our human littleness). See, knowing that such a person is just a messenger from Hashem is a level, but then you want to beg Hashem to please, hold back a little on such messengers…


    amein, it should be a huge kapara, and you should have a sweet year. You should also block their emails. Can’t say it is for you, but huge emotions or suppressing a flood of tears gives me chest pain too. That being said, it may still be a medical concern. After all, stress can cause heart attacks. Refuah shleima, physically and emotionally


    ecplise: I can’t imagine what you are going through, but it sounds really tough. Stay strong, and may the force be with you.

    It is very easy for someone else to tell you your problems should be a kaporah. It is much harder to really feel that way yourself, but it seems that you are getting there.

    On a side note, that is exactly what we daven on Yom Kippur at the end of Viduy. We ask that Hashem should forgive us for everything, but not through pain and hardship. Once again, wishing you all the best.


    Chest pain should never be ignored, it is a sign from Hashem that something is wrong.

    especially the fact that the pain/discomfort comes at times that you are in distress.

    you can just walk in to any emergency room, they will probably take you right away. they will make sure that you dont have any cardiac event going on.


    I have to give you a lot of credit, eclipse.

    You’re the first person I’ve heard asking that his (or her) own problems should be a kapparah.

    Most people I know pray that everybody else’s problems should be a kappara for all of us.

    Hope the year brings you loads of of sweetness. And may your kappara (if you need it, as human beings generally do) come bli yissurim.


    See a doctor immediately! N.B. Meesah (CVS) is also a kaporah but don’t think you’re ready for that


    chest pain that lasted a week wont get you seen in the Er right away. In their view (rightly or wrongly) If it waited a week it could (and will) wait several more hours. You will probably get an EKG right away someoe will glance at it and asuming their are no obvious changes (which is most likely the case) You will have a long wait. You are better off going to your PMD.


    im not a medical expert and i dont play one on tv either but i do know enough to suggest you not keep close contact with someone who can cauase you such pain. you need to think about yourself. that is priority.

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