Is there a Drug Problem in the “Frum World”?

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    As many of you may have seen, there is a story on YWN about a couple of teens

    that were arrested for apparently flashing illegal drugs and then assaulting someone

    in South Fallsburg. So I present a question to all of you YWN readers; is there a “drug problem” in the Frum community?

    IMO, there most definitely is, and I wish we would acknowledge its severity and extent. I personally have never used drugs, however, I know a few Frum people that have/do. The destructive nature of drugs cannot be understated. Drugs can take a person down soo quickly and severely, and the long term effects can be great (including, Rachmana Litzlan death). The passive, accepting and almost glorified way society as a whole views drugs has slowly but steadily seeped into the Frum community.

    So I guess I’m asking the following: 1. Am I alone in my opinion or are there others that see what I am seeing? 2. No matter your opinion, I’d like to know this: Do you know a Frum person that has ever used any illegal substance (including marijuana)?

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