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    lately Ive been getting 3-4 calls a night for Tzedake organizations. They call sometimes 3-4 times in a row and when they do leave a message its sometimes long recorded messages.

    When you do pick up – you normally get some lady that tries to tell you how much you gave last year and cant understand why you cant just give 180$ to save some trapped women in a Arab Village.

    These women who call are working for a company that gets a percentage of the sales. How do you get them to stop calling?


    call 1-888-382-1222 to get off all such phone calls.

    The little I know

    Halevai such “do not call lists” would work. Any legislation about phone solicitation specifically excludes non-profit organizations. I actually investigated the matter, since my office work is disturbed by these interruptions. Worse is that the caller introduces an organization that is completely strange to me, and tells me that I was “so generous to give $18 dollars last year”, begging to increase it for this year. My response is that this is a total lie, since I never heard of the organization, never pledge over the phone, and will not do so now. They then let their chutzpah shine, asking for my credit card. My answer is that I do not use credit cards, and would not share them with a stranger anyway. I never give them, despite their persistence. My tzedokoh dollars go elsewhere.

    The persistence at raising funds is unfortunately not correlated in any way with the legitimacy of a true tzedokoh. What a shame that Yidden have stooped so low. I would prefer to cherish the beautiful mitzvah of tzedokoh.


    If your purpose was to avoid giving them the percentage, you would find the organization and give them the money directly.

    You just don’t want phone calls.


    popa_bar_abba: – My point was that they get all emotional about it – as if they are representing that organization and the cause is close to the heart. Very Hard to take a phone call serious when you know the caller is crying every day for someone else – and getting paid for that as well – dont you agree?

    The little I know


    If the entire issue was legitimate, they would not resort to lying (“you were so nice to give us $18 last year), and they would not demand that you hand off your credit card numbers to a total stranger. I’m not about to judge every tzedokoh request I get, as I would not want my requests of HKB”H scrutinized so closely either. But the purposeful and intentional lies and persistence beyond the capabilities of the giver are disqualifications. Just minutes prior to writing this comment, I received a phone call from an organization that was completely unknown to me. It began with the usual “false gratitude” for last year’s donation. I stopped the caller in his tracks, noting that I had never heard of them nor donated, and that the lie sealed my refusal to give them. I am not a tightwad, and give more than I’m able anyway. But to reward such lies, on top of the interference in my day’s work is simply unacceptable to me.


    I kind of don’t. It is normal human emotions to become engaged in what you are doing. It is normal for a doctor to become emotionally involved in the people he is curing, and to be happy about the fact that his business is curing people.

    Why do you deny that to people whose business is raising money for causes?

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    If the entire issue was legitimate, they would not resort to lying,

    The unscrupulous tactics of a hired telemarketing firm does not necessarily reflect upon the integrity of the tzeddakah organization which it represents.

    It might, though reflect on its choice of hired fundraisers. Why don’t you give the organization a call and report them?


    popa_bar_abba: care yes – but to kvetch and fake cry is hard to take serious. If a doctor cried for every patient he sees – it will be hard to take him serious.

    I think most people who see a meshulech cry and beg for a school and then find out hes getting 50% of the proceeds to himself – find that to be a turnoff – Kal vechomer if hes collection for 100s of differant tzedakehs



    I understand you 100%. i think its been getting worse recently.

    More and more people are asking for phone numbers when you donate for Chinese auctions and they share it with MANY people. I’ve been getting calls on my cell in the middle of the day while at work. If you don’t pick up they keep on calling and calling.

    What do they think? the more they annoy me the more money ill give?

    It very hard not to curse them out like every other annoying telemarketer.


    Charities and telemarketing companies must each maintain their own DNC list. While charity calls are excempt from the national DNC list, if the calls are being done by a telemarketing firm they have to checked against both the charity’s list and the telemarketer’s list. If you are called and you want them to put you on their DNC list you need to specify which list or both lists.

    This only applies to calls made by a telemarketer, if the charity is calling directly they do not need to maintain a DNC list.


    Get caller id and screen your calls!!

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