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    Is there an Eruv in Lakewood, do the bnei Yeshiva use it, and who is the rav hamachshir on it?


    i dont live in lakewood but from what i heard some of the complexs have them, but not the city as a whole


    Is there a moon in the sky at night? That is a poorly worded or purposely insulting question.


    there are many eruvim in Lakewood. supposedly the cong. sons of israel has one which the oilam does not use at all. Then each community has its own eruv. In the 14th street area a lot of eruvim were put together from the area of hope road to forest ave.

    Rabbi forcheimer does not hld in the eruvim that cross 14th since it is a mavui haposuach lerishus harabim [rt 9] .

    K M

    See the Wikipedia article titled List of places with eruvin

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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