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    Bar Shattya

    to naming a thread if the title doesn’t really explain fully what the topic is???


    How is this thread different from all other threads?


    Yup, I think that the poster of the thread just wants people to check it out, and don’t think that they can do justice to the thread by writing a name to it, because they can’t think of a good enough one. 🙂


    Its like the a subject line of an email. You want to create curiosity and then the details are in the postings..

    Bar Shattya

    i think it is a swindle and it is bad. when i say bad i mean bad as in sheker as in evil. i mean bad like evil like gehennom. it has nothing to do with how evil you are acting towards me by swindling me. it has to do with the evil you are doing by damaging your attitude of being honest and straightforward with people.

    and in case you were wondering, gehennom makes you sad.


    Bar Shattya, are you feeling ok?

    Shticky Guy

    BS: Are you feeling ok? Take a long nap and chill a little. You sound stressed and confused. Otherwise it’s an attempt at satire that I didnt get, but it seems too vicious for that. I didnt think this thread was a swindle or bad or evil or gehinom that I had to open it to find out what it was about. What’s up, man?

    Wanderingchana: great post… ?? ?????… lol…


    Oh my. People really take this (virtual) place seriously. I’ve seen Joseph being called an Achzor and Assur Lerachem Alov because he makes multiple screen names. Now this, you go to Gehenom for making a thread title that doesn’t describe the content well enough? Will the moderators be the judges in the Bes Din Shel Maala?

    Bar Shattya

    thanx for the advice but chills are for the feeble


    Slightly off topic (but not much), did you know that it’s a federal crime to send an e-mail with a misleading subject title?

    There is a lawyer in CA (known as “Dan Hates Spam”) that has made over a $1,000,000.00 by suing businesses that advertise with misleading titles in their e-mails.

    Too bad, we can’t sue over misleading post titles…


    Haleivi: Hope they’re moderate!


    There is a bad word camoflauged by phonetic Hebrew on my Aidel-Rap thread.I think that should “go”.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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