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    Just Another Yid

    there are people that say smartphones are Muttar, Muttar with a filter, some people say get SafeTelecom (kosher OS), some people say that there is no reason to have one even in the business world. what is the conclusion?

    The little I know

    The general and blanket statements made about a lot of things in technology are irresponsible. Each individual has his/her own needs and requirements. No one truly knows my business. If the suggestion is about the questionable activities that one can engage in using a smartphone, I call attention to the oldest profession that predated technology by many centuries. Issurim can be committed with or without modern technology. We will soon read the parsha in which the incident involving bnos Moav is described. To the best of our knowledge, there were no cell phones, internet, or other forms of communication then. The one who wants to violate issurim will do so, with whatever means are accessible.

    At the end of the discussion, one needs to have a strong character, dedicated to following Ratzon Hashem, with the role of Shivisi Hashem Lenegdi Somid as the main driver in life. One can easily gaze at or image anything improper without electronic devices. The only way that yetzer horah will leave us soon is when Moshiach comes, and HKB”H will shecht it. Technology is just another nisayon (often a huge one).


    what is the conclusion?

    This is obviously a matter of widely varying opinions. So the conclusion depends on who you ask.


    Everything is relative…….you may even get 3 opinions from two mashgichim on whether a particular chicken is “kosher”, an issue which arguably has objective metrics. As Know Little” observes, there are no explicit halachic rules governing all matters of technology. Instead, we apply objective rules applicable to other aspects of our behavior to when and how new technologies may be used and under what circumstances. Those who choose to live a life immersed exclusively in limud torah will have no use or need for most technologies other than perhaps an LED light over their shtender. Those who choose to live a more balanced life may choose to rely on new technologies to earn a parnassah and make their daily lives easier and more efficient. For some, a “smart phone” is a tool that enhances the logistics and efficiency of their torah studies. Again, its up to the individual in consultation with his/her LRP to decide. For some, its a risk for their yetzer horah but that is not something we project on everyone.

    The little I know


    Yes. Ask your local orthodox rabbi. Asking a shailoh requires being open and honest. Posek must also know the one asking, and understand the subject matter. The title “rabbi” or even the position as moroh d’asroh do not guarantee that the rov is qualified.

    David Y

    I bought a tagged phone from the UK but I came across limitations for business use. I now have an apple phone and a chaver has the code for parental controls. If a new app is required he unlocks it and after installation it is locked again. I took off all internet access because even if one uses a child search engine such as google for kids 4+yo it can easily be defeated and I have had correspondence with them about this but they basically admitted that it wasn’t really “safe”.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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