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    What do you think?

    (And how much would you be willing to pay to rent a board game?)



    Maybe a side business. How much profit can be made when buying is pretty cheap?


    Is this a summer thing? to camp mates? it might make you shtikel money. and what happens if the players lose some pieces or damage the game (spills etc)?


    1. Remember you have to buy the board games first.

    2. You will have to be constantly spending money on upkeep (replacing lost pieces).

    3. If a game goes out of style, you are stuck with unsellable inventory.

    4. Many board games are available on Ebay (and equivalent markets) at deep discounts. There is a good chance your “rental” price would be similar to the “used” price.


    I think that besides for Shabbos kids nowadays don’t play too many board games. But for a bungalow colony or similar venue it could make sense to earn a few extra bucks, not a full fledged busines. And only if you can get the games for free (game donations from family etc.) or very cheap.


    This is not a good business idea. Think about how many games you are going to rent out in order to turn a profit.


    Do a web search on “Toygaroo”



    That’s about what I thought.

    Anyway, it appears that this might be a good way to promote

    board gaming, but as for making make money, not so much so.

    I could only see it getting up to a few thousand a year on a

    local scale, which is the only scale I could work.

    (For the naysayers, Board Game eXchange, which I hadn’t known about, is actually doing well on a national scale in both the US and UK.)

    (From two different articles:)

    Toygaroo was an online toy renting service for children. You would order a toy online and then when you were done playing with the toys you would send it back and get more toys. Think of Toygaroo as the Netflix of play stuff.

    There are other toy rental companies out there, so the concept appears workable and it appears there is a demand. If you are a Toygaroo customer looking for similar services, try these sites: Baby Plays or Toyconomy.


    (“eXchange” is not a typo.)

    I actually came up with the idea as a way to have a game

    collection pay for itself. They beat me to the idea by a number of years, and even some of their details are what I had thought of: Selling the idea on try-before-you-buy and greater variety, the way prices scale, and the use of a high-sensitivity scale to greatly speed up the process of finding out if all the parts came back.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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