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    Do you have to pay money to post on this site? Why can’t I post?

    Sometimes when the posts are controversial, trolliish or condescending they get deleted. Posting it again in different words won’t change anything


    Do you think that YWN can charge your IP adress? If you’ve never entered any information about payment (i.e credit card/paypal info),

    you don’t need it.

    Are your 2 questions related to each other?



    We are all paying customers. We all have accounts, and are billed monthly, they know each and every poster, his/her address and financial data. If customers don’t pay they get it automatically from the posters’ bank account. So it doesn’t pay to try to hide your identity here! (I think there’s an extra hefty fee for that too.)

    Also fees are directly related to content of posts. If your making a Mod crazy, there’s definitely a greater fee, he’s gonna need counselling!! For bickering, acting nasty, hurtful – that’s a fee too, a fine, it could total up a big, big amount. I have you warned!!


    Little Froggie; don’t you realize that by posting that your bank account is about to go into overdraft?



    (Hey are you also advertising for Hatzolah dinner, a big B ?)

    I don’t post so often, and all my posts are ‘tzum zach’, ‘to the thing’ each and every one of them is a lesson to be studied… priceless jewels and perils of wis-dumb. So for me it’s practically free. The rest, however…

    This is classified stuff, it’s included in my investigation…


    I guess we can call it FROGGIELEAKS

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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