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    I came across this ad in the Hamodia today, and I am interested in the CR’s opinion of the business opportunity. It looks for real, but I’ve been burned before, and I don’t want to get burned again. What do you think? Is it worth pursuing? (I didn’t read the free course yet; will do that later)


    Well, I’m predicting this guy is going to earn gelt online.


    I don’t know about this particular offer, but I would advise you to adhere to the following two rules:

    1. If it’s so easy to make money this way, everyone would be doing it. The fact that everyone is *not* doing it indicates that it’s not so easy. That’s not to say that it’s impossible, but just that it’s probably not as easy as the pitchman claims.

    2. The old adage “If it sounds to good to be true….” should always be heeded.

    The Wolf

    minyan gal

    If you believe that you can make money doing this than I have a bridge in Brooklyn that I would love to sell you.


    Klal Gadol – if someone had the secrets to making money, he wouldn’t be selling them. He would be making money, and wouldn’t have to sell how to make money, in order to make money!


    I’ve found that these folks make their money by selling you something that tells you you’ll make lots of money. If they were so good at it a) they wouldn’t be sharing and b) they would have no need nor time to market it.


    sounds risky to me…..but who knows! you might just make big bucks from it! that would be pretty cool i must admit! good luck in whatever you decide.

    not I

    Scams are all over. I work in a field related to travel. I receievd an email from someone in soem tiny town in Europe someowhere.. I thought it wasa scam but I replied.. for the sake of it.. I was surprised when they responded but once we had further correspondence I felt it was getting fishy so I googled the phone number on the bottom.

    It turns out the way these scammers work is that they give you a credit card number to charge in advance. Once you charge it but before it is authorized they refute the charge. Then once it goes through again they reverse the charge again. Basically they earn from you..

    I would be very sceptical of any financial thing that sounds more secure than what you’d expect!..


    Looks like they teach you how to sell on-line, assuming you have a product to sell!!

    if you don’t have anything to sell you’re wasting your time, if you do, this could help you with exposure.

    Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    i saw something similair- I was wondering… happens to be it may be legit – i know ambit is ligit and its the same type of thing. Its like the new way to advertise


    Ok, so I read the free course. She is a smart lady. Has haskamahs and proof of her income. It’s very intriguing.

    It seems that you need to learn to build your own website and don’t need to sell your own products at all– you get paid by companies like amazon.

    Did anyone else read her free course here? What do you think?


    ambit is legit?? I am not so sure. I think it is a scam. If you want to sell their product, you have to fork over a few hundred (non-refundable) dollars and then you have to try to get others to fork over a few hundred dollars, and still try to convince people to switch. What kind of company charges their salesmen a fee to work for them?? Then you have to pay a $25.00 monthly fee to maintain a website, if you discontinue that you don’t get anymore residual income. Ambit is a pyramid scam, where you try to bring in a sales force by having them pay a high fee and those have to in turn bring in others. Only the higher ups make something. You only hear about their success. Most sales people fall out of it.


    People need a reason to hit your website. If lots of eyeballs are on your site, you can sell advertising space. Promise people money, they will look, and amazon will pay to be on your site. Problem is, you need a draw to your site. Eventually everyone will be promising this business and the eyeballs will be sprea5 too thin. Then, the trick is to come up with the next idea to pull those eyeballs.


    Klal Gadol – if someone had the secrets to making money, he wouldn’t be selling them.”

    But that IS how he makes the money – by getting people to give it to him for what might be absolutely worthless information.


    Just by a little googling, I found that she is indeed a real person that lives in Baltimore. She moved there last year because or her second marriage. Ok, she’s real, what about her program?

    This is not the first (nor probably the last) time that some one has sold such affiliate programs. From what I read, there is money to be made, but it’s not so easy. Like apushatayid said above, you need to drive lots of traffic to your site, which is not easy.


    ambit is legit, i know someone who does it. just a matter if your a good salesmen


    A friend just pointed out this thread to me.

    I’m the founder of, and I just pinched myself — YES, I’m a real person!

    Allow me to address your comments:

    popa_bar_abba- I’ve posted proof of my income on this page

    WolfishMusings- Online marketing is simple, but not necessary always easy.

    minyan gal- Are you trying to say that it is not possible to earn money online? Where are you living, in the 80’s?

    Moq and laguy – I put up as a service to our community. I don’t have all the answers to our community’s financial woes, however, I have some of them.

    not I – May I ask: Did you read the free course offered at If you think it’s a scam, then you must believe that the Internet is just a scam of Al Gore’s.

    chesedname- You don’t need to have a product to sell in order to earn a fortune via Adsense and Affiliate Marketing. Study the free course at OnlineGelt for more details.

    apushatayid- No, let me clarify, Amazon will NOT pay to be on your site. However, when people click from your site to Amazon, then Amazon will send you commissions. I teach various methods of getting eyeballs or traffic to your site within my course.

    mghanooni-LOL! This was the funniest by far! What kind of googling did you do? I just checked with my husband, and, as far as both of us can recall, we only got married once, back in the late 90’s. Oh, and we moved to Baltimore over six years ago, originally from Monsey.


    sms007, any time you have to fork over money and then try to get others to do the same is called a pyramid scam. You are depending to on others to have find other salespeople who all have to pay $400.00 to sell. Why can’t Ambit just hire people, and just pay a commission to all the sales people who bring in customers. Please explain why do they have to charge a person money to sell their product? Please explain, why does ambit charge their salespeople to maintain a website for $25.00 and if they stop, they no longer make any money? If that seems right to please explain??!! Please explain where the $500.00 is going??? I have a relative and know people who have tried Ambit and have fallen for the sales tactics and have not made money. Anyway, it’s not like your saving much to switch to an Esco, only save 1%. Maybe if the percentage was greater, then you have something to sell.


    This relative had tried to sell Ambit a few years ago, he got sick and could no longer keep up, stopped the CC charges on the website. A few months ago, he wanted to start over again and had to fork over another $500.00 to start again. This person is a really good salesperson. I have heard the sales pitch and have heard other salespeoples pitch. It is off a script and they all say the same thing, like you’ll be saving tons, when the amount saved is tiny. The only way, someone will make money is to bring other people in who will shell out $400.00 and make you higher in the upline, people who fall for the video showing you the glitz and other worldly pursuits you can get from hawking Ambit. The amount you make from bringing in actual customers is miniscule.


    If you have a product to sell online you don’t really need these people. Just go to library and get a few books on marketing.


    Mrs. Braun,

    It seems that there is only one Menachem Braun in Baltimore, and

    these are the links that I found about his marriage last year to a lady named Chaya:

    I apologize for any Motsai Shem Ra. I glad you found such conjecture amusing, but I am a bit embarrassed for being so silly. The world is not always so logical.


    Mghanooni, lesson learned: Do not always believe what you find online. Yes, we were amused to be invited to that wedding last year, where the chosson and kallah (no relation) had the same first and last names as we did!

    P.S. OnlineGelt has nothing to do with Ambit or MLM. Been there, done that, and would NEVER recommend a pyramid business, although, theoretically, money can be made there.

    ZachKessin- You are correct; reading a pile of marketing books will teach you a lot. However, most of the Internet marketing books out there are outdated, and will teach you to rank well for Google according to Google’s 2002 algorithm, and get you banned from Google in this day and age. That being said, reading marketing books is an EXCELLENT way to learn!


    Why pay for a course how to bring eyeballs to your website when the library is filled with such information, free.

    As in al MLMs, those at the top of the pyramid will make money, no arguments there. How close to the top do you get in determines how much money you make.


    The question is “is a scam or is it legit”?

    The business called onlinegelt is unquestionably in my opinion a legitimate business. Its owner is offering you some basic information about how she believes you can be successful in the world of “affiliate marketing”, once your appetite is whetted, it is offering you a product (information in this case) how to go about setting yourself up to take advantage of this (estimates are) almost 6.5 billion dollar a year business.

    To answer my own previous question about data available in the library. If you would pay for a sefer that is a likut on say hilchos shabbos then I don’t see why lihavdil you wouldn’t pay for this. You can just as “easily” learn through hilchos shabbos yourself and don’t need the likkut sefer and you can just as “easily” (in quotations because I have not tried and don’t know how easy, or not, it is to gather this data yourself) do the research research on affiliate marketing. Like every product you consider buying, is the time saved worth the purchase price? The actual content? That is up to you to decide once you buy it. The seller claims it is valuable information that has worked well for her.

    What affiliate marketing program(s) you join is more important than is Mrs. Braun legitimate (as with all yidden, she has a chezkas kashrus with me – she has done nothing to destroy that chazaka as far as I am concerned).

    If you already have an online business, you’ve probably heard of affiliate marketing. If you don’t, you will need one.

    As an aside, those who make a living in the anti spyware/adware space, are thankful for affiliate marketing and the business it drives their way. As with all businesses, there are plenty of shady charachters and adware/spyware is a legitimate concern, to shoppers (I’m sure gelt 201 comes with enough reminders that if your website damages peoples computers, they are not coming back to your site).

    Personally, I am a bit weary of a business model popularized and revolutionized by the adult entertainment industry when the web was still in its infancy (its one of the reasons most spyware lands you on a porno site).


    Apashutyid: Why would people take a course in computer graphics or programming, when they can just as easily read a book about the subject matter? And why would people even buy a book on those topics, if the information is freely available online? Obviously, people want information they can trust which is available in a simple to digest format.

    Every business can be done in an honest and dishonest manner. A store owner can have accurate or inaccurate weights. A doctor can prescribe medicines based on knowledge and helpfulness or based on the promise of a vacation from a drug representative. A real estate professional can show you a wonderful home with your best interests at heart, or show you a faulty home and not tell you about the faults. Etc.

    In my course, I teach you how to build a website that offers value to visitors, not a website that ch”v causes viruses!


    “then you must believe that the Internet is just a scam of Al Gore’s.”

    Seriously, you buy into the non-sense that Al Gore created the internet?


    Mrs. Braun. Did I say anything negative about you or your business? Your comments to me imply that you feel there is a negative tone to what I wrote. There is none stated, or implied. If you feel there is something negative, please say so, I will ask the moderators to remove my comments from this thread. It was/is not my intention to say anything negative about you, or your business.


    This is one of the biggest problems with home based businesses, the owners take things very personally. It is hard to start a business, this I think we all understand, but as another thread points out “business is business”, stop taking things so personally. If you have a good product the free market concepts will take hold and you will do fine. Mrs. Braun, please relax a bit…we’re all here to help one another and flushing out the legitimacy of a business is a natural process to getting started. Good luck to you!


    what exactly is in english terms please? what do you have to do?


    I just started reading the OnlineGelt 101.

    I find it well written, to the point, and informative.

    Thank you.


    Please contact me directly through the Contact button on with any questions or comments.

    Gut Shabbos.

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