Is This Chinuch?!

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    The following was submitted to YWN via email:

    One again High School has not started on time. The night before school was to start everyone received a call not to come in tomorrow and they would be notified when school will be able to start. I just have one question for all the mechanchim involved, what kind of chinuch is this? What message are we sending to our students? Forget about all the hurt and shame this is causing all the parents who’s child does not have a school to go to yet; How can we teach our children the next day about ahavas yisroel, and any other lessons we wish to impart? Do you think they will be receptive? I can’t imagine they will be. If there’s only one reason to take in each and every studen it would be for the sake of Ahavas Yisroel. If we would all work on accepting everyone and then work hard with each child I’m sure Hashem will give tremendous siyata dishmaya and all the “negative” effects of the rejected students will fall to the side.


    If the above poster is referring to our district “Lakewood”. To my knowledge and to the best knowledge of all of the other parents I have spoken to (in our situation with grammar school), it is space, like it is every year. Because to my knowledge the schools asked not to open were the high schools. Until each of the remaining 6 girls are accepted. As of 8 PM last night my daughter B”H was accepted in a prominent girls grammar school. IY”H every girl should be placed as soon as possible and boy there still are from what I was told 35 kinderlach (grammar school, not placed). I keep these tender yiddishe children in my davening, that everyone gets placed quickly. No parent or child should go through this pain of both starting late due to schools not opening yet and those waiting to be placed.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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