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    Having just moved to Lakewood recently about 7 weeks ago, I had my son already in a school. The other boys followed same school and quite easily. My daughter, as of today is still not in school. She is bright, intelligent, not a discipline problem, well mannered, outstanding recommendations from past Morahs, Rosh Yeshivas, Rav’s etc. The problem is space. My husbands last meeting with the administrator of one of the bigger girls schools was positive in one way. He said, “I am calling the Vaad now, you need to go over and sent him with a friend of the administrators who knows us well”. He said “I am so tired of telling all of these parents and yidden “no, I just can’t fit anyone else”. We felt his pain. The smaller school are begging their boards “please don’t take more kids, we don’t want 20, 25 or 30 children in a class”. I don’t either, I feel the same way. But my child needs a school!! As of last week per our Vaad, there were 60 children (I believe grammer school) without schools!!!!! As I am typing this I got a phone call to come tonight to meet with the administrator. He has been inundated with plea’s and phone calls, faxes, etc. from our many wonderful friends, Rebbe, you name it. There is just no room in these schools. It is a shame that it has to come down to begging. Many of these children who aren’t in school are not children with issues, or hard to place children. They are children who just moved, or got their application in later that the one ahead etc. B”H that klal Yisroel is so large and growing here. The schools just can’t keep up.

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