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    I have a family member arriving from Israel next week. The plan is that I will pick him up from the airport. I don’t want to risk being in close proximity to someone who just traveled on an international flight.

    Is it rude or evil to ask him to take an Uber or taxi? Would I come across as insensitive if I didn’t pick him up. He lives about an hour away from me. He can quarantine for 14 days and then I can visit.

    If I do pick him up, how am I supposed to walk around in public knowing that I was stuck in a car with an international traveler for an hour or more, with his luggage, which was touched by many hands, in my car? I could be spreading the coronavirus and not know it.

    Thanks for your advice 🙏🏼


    I am sure this thread will have many responses that will give you contradictory responses. Do you know if this person was exposed already while in EY? If you dont want to take a risk, I do not see why it is either “rude or evil” to inform the person that you won’t be available to meet them and they should arrange for their own transportation either before they leave EY or when they land here in the US. You have every right to limit your exposure to an overseas traveller.


    What leads you to believe that your family member intends to quarantine for 14 days?


    What makes you think he’s more of a risk to you than you are to him?


    Thanks for your feedback lowerourtuition11210.

    I don’t know if he was exposed to anyone with coronavirus in EY. But who knows.

    Besides being overseas, he will be traveling through two of the US’s 13 designated enhanced health screening airports. One of the two is for his connecting flight. The second is the destination airport, where I would have to pick him up.

    Thank you… This whole coronavirus threat is surreal, but I don’t want the virus’s invisibility to prevent me from practicing caution.



    Joseph: I’m really hoping/praying that he will somewhat quarantine himself. However, since I can’t control another person, with Hashem’s help, I will quarantine myself from visiting. I rather be safe because there’s already a confirmed community spread in my region, and I know that even getting to that level of “proof” means that there are undocumented cases out there.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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