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    I am not Chassidish. I am not Chareidi. I count myself among the Dati Leumi Torani camp. I live in a community in Israel that is very serious about learning, mitzvot, davening with a minyan, etc.

    There is something I don’t understand in the Chareidi world, and I’m hoping someone on YW can explain it to me. It has to do with certain groups of Chassidim, and the splits among brothers as leaders.

    Satmar is one that comes to mind. Vishnitz in Israel comes to mind as well. The followers of one brother fight followers of another brother. Streimels are stolen. Police are called.

    Do these Chassidim really and truly believe that this is what HKB”H wants?

    I’m not looking for answers that involve flaming others, derogatpry remoarks, and lashon hara. I just want to know if there is a sensible answer to what’s happening.


    Many chassidim believe that the rebbe is on an elevatad status and is considered to be their shoresh haneshoma. perhaps i can suggest that the chassidim would feel that is disrespectful if the non-rebbe were to be considered the rebbe if he really is not


    The fighting amongst the layman is not what HKB’H wants certainly. Such fighting unfortunately occurs amongst any large group of people, Jew or gentile, Chareidi or left-wing whatever. Its not limited to any specific demographic group. Anyone who tried to convince someone else otherwise, is not seeking the truth but rather most likely on a hate-prone agenda.

    As far as fights amongst Talmidei Chachomim, they are usually lsheim shmayim and each one truly believes they are doing what best for the Klal and what the Torah wants.


    No better than the fight looming for the Republican Nomination. Whoever emerges shall be so bruised, that shall be hard to realistically be strong enough to fight off Obama, come November.

    All the Schmutz that the Republican candidates have lunged at each other, has been carefully recorded by the Democrats, & Obama shall make an identical repeat performance invoking the same schmutz that these Republican were exchanging with eachother during Primary season.

    sem graduate

    HKBH does not want fighting… and it is not the brothers who are doing the fighting. It is a few of their more hot-headed chassidim. There are plenty that don’t fight and plenty that leave at the start of a fight. Please do not hold it against any of these rebbes…




    I believe there exists a yetzer harah. Jews sin. Anything else ?


    Im sure Ill be told off for this, but those who use physical force to accomplish their goals, are, I suspect, generally from the non-working population. Predominantly the fringe among the “learning population” who arent really learning that seriously and need to accomplish something for credit of some kind.


    mameshtakah- you really know a lot of details if you are not part of any of these groups…..


    If we would be “Yosef Shalom” and stop machlokes then Rav Elyashiv may have more zechusim for Refuah.

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