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    A candidate who belongs in a Senior Citizen Home vs a candidate who belongs in a Mental Institution.
    Is this the best America can come up with?
    It boggles the mind.
    Och n’ Vey to us. Och n’ Vey !

    Dr. Pepper


    You mentioned one candidate twice and left out the candidate that brought Iran, probably the largest supporter of terror worldwide, to the brink of collapse, made despots terrified of starting up with their adversaries and made the USA prosper better than any expectations (until Bidens friends released the virus).


    A better way to put it: US based to have 2 candidates both trying to get to 50.1% favorability. Now we have two both fighting to get to 40% favorability and winning on the strength of the opposition to the other guy. How far can this go? Can we see two candidates with 20% favorability and still fighting on?Maybe when sum of favorabilities for two candidates falls below 50%, this opens a place for a 3rd candidate to get to 50%?


    @drpepper couldnt have said it better myself


    I always liked Coca Cola better than Dr. Pepper – now I know why. 🙂

    ☕️coffee addict


    All thanks to democrats

    They didn’t want RFK Jr to primary Biden so we’re stuck with a senior citizen

    They also tried to tie up trump with these indictments which made him more of a victim and people love victims


    Note that none of them is a candidate yet. One intriguing shitah is that someone lured B into having a debate before the convention so that if he fully fails, Ds can substitute a wife of one of the previous presidents instead of him.


    Trump and Biden being the nominees is not the real problem the US is facing. It is only a symptom of it .


    On 2024 June 14, the Ayn Rand Centre UK released
    a Youtube video with Michael Kauffman titled:
    “Biden Sides With Hezbollah”.

    Jonathan Pollard said this on 2024 March 19:

    “The Biden Administration IS an enemy
    of the Jewish people and State of Israel.”

    SOURCE: Youtube video titled: “Jonathan Pollard:
    The New American Pier and Rescuing Gazan Refugees”
    by Machon Shilo

    John Podhoretz said:

    “Biden’s policy now is that Hamas should be allowed to live
    to massacre another day. In the end, then, while Biden spent
    months being the best friend Israel may ever have had in
    the White House, he has now become one of its worst enemies.”

    SOURCE: Why Joe Biden Has Gone from Friend to Enemy
    by John Podhoretz, June 2024
    Commentary Magazine www dot commentary dot org

    Jonathan S. Tobin, editor-in-chief of JNS (Jewish News Syndicate) said:

    Succumbing to pressure from the intersectional left wing
    of his own party that views Israel as a “white oppressor”
    and “apartheid” state, and implicitly accepting Hamas
    propaganda about civilian casualties, he [President Joe Biden]
    characterized Israel’s war effort as “over the top,” and
    that it was guilty of “indiscriminate” killing of Palestinians.

    This was entirely false and remains so.

    But rather than treating the pro-Hamas and anti-Semitic
    protests that were breaking out on college campuses
    and in the streets of the nation’s cities, Biden seemed
    intimidated by the leftist attacks on Israel
    that were being echoed by the corporate media.

    SOURCE: Biden doomed the Palestinians to another generation of war
    by Jonathan S. Tobin, 2024 May 20, www (dot) JNS (dot) org

    The article shown below is titled:
    “The Democrats’ last ditch plans” and was written by Alan Bergstein.
    It was published on 2024 May 30 in www (dot) IsraelNationalNews (dot) com:

    I’ll readily admit that I try to regulate my schedule
    to tune in to every speech Joe Biden delivers.
    It’s not out of respect for the man or for the knowledge he imparts.

    With notebook and pen in hand, at each event,
    I wait patiently for him to come up with one of his
    patented fairy tales, start screaming or whispering
    at the camera, or merely just close his eyes and
    amazingly nodding off, while standing upright.

    Joe can do it all in the minimum amount of time his handlers allot him.

    Too much, and he’ll wander off script, imitating Buddy Hackett.
    In short, he’s a scam artist and out of it, but most of all and most sadly,
    he’s the US president. And we Americans are stuck with him as long
    as he’s still breathing, until Trump’s Inauguration Day,
    January 20, 2025. May G-d have mercy on us ’til then…

    But all the while, give Biden, this inane quisling,
    credit for his political survival savvy.

    He’s the prime example of a dangerous dictator
    masquerading as a victim and patriot.

    He showers us with self-pitying tales of his wife’s
    and kids’ disastrous automobile deaths and falsifies
    his son Beau’s death as occurring during the Iraq war.

    He not only proclaims what kinds of autos, washing machines
    and light bulbs we must purchase but also woos the support
    of enemy nations with billions of our taxpayer monies.

    He also now oversees and controls our formerly independent
    criminal justice system consisting of three letter agencies (FBI, CIA, DOJ, IRS),
    to harass, prosecute and incriminate his political enemies.

    In short, he is an All-American, suit and tie wearing version of a Castro,
    Putin, Stalin or Hitler in our White House. Do not underestimate him.

    To our amazement, he has tyrannically persecuted, prosecuted and incriminated
    the main adversary to his continuing presidency, using our criminal justice system
    to openly attempt to throttle Trump’s campaigning…and has failed.

    Trump, forced to remain in Manhattan, where Democrat Soros-funded DA,
    Alvin Bragg rules, has used his court “off time” to roust up enough NYC
    and NJ supporters, to threaten the Democrat dominance in these states.

    There seems to be no prosecutorial way to throttle Trump.
    Legally anyway.

    So, with the election looming only five months away and with
    Biden’s brain and body withering before our very eyes, with Trump supporters
    coming out in droves and with the polls showing a possible
    national crushing defeat for the Democrat Party from dog-catcher
    up to the White House, what’s their next step, their way out?

    I believe there might even be a plan, a last ditch one; a last resort,
    to harm Trump physically. It’s standard procedure in totalitarian countries
    to exterminate serious political opposition, and since
    we’re currently bordering on one, why not here?

    We’ve seen the viral hatred exhibited by the likes of
    Dem leaders, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley,
    Bernie Sanders and others of their side of the aisle.

    And supporting their positions, the recent nationwide, well led, planned
    and funded street and college riots, awakening us to understand that
    they are very capable of untold violence to stay afloat and in command.
    And anyone, who stands in their way must be erased, removed, eradicated.

    We see how Biden and his party have already abandoned Israel,
    throwing it to the wolves.

    And didn’t the Obama/Biden team gift Iran with a nuclear arsenal?

    Sad to say, we’ve come to a point in time when our democracy,
    our acceptance of the rights of all to speak up and be heard
    is tapering off and is in danger of becoming history.

    Donald Trump is the lone one standing in the way of those who
    are both on the payroll and in the camp of Iran and China.

    His presidency would put an end to China’s growing industrial
    and financial dominance over the world and he’d stop the Islamist Iran
    from radiating its Koranic control of the Middle East and its energy deposits.

    These next most crucial five months will tell the story. if Trump evades
    a jail term in NYC and elsewhere, and if he gets free to campaign
    and tell the story of the plans the Democrat Party has for this country,
    he must be mindful that he is a target, a real one, for his opposition
    and must keep a constant security team around him and his family.
    May G-d watch over and protect him.

    On 2024 June 2, Mr. Elon Musk said this on Fox News:

    “If a former President can be criminally convicted over
    such a trivial matter — motivated by politics, rather than justice
    — then anyone is at risk of a similar fate.”


    President Joe Biden’s old boss, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama,
    used the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to attack
    pro-Israel non-profit organizations.

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