Is YWN biased when it’s reporting on EL AL?

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    Perhaps on Rabbi Berland and
    Lev Tahor too
    My personal view is that it’s not the
    best airline
    As far as Rabbi B there is no smoke
    Without fire however he is a big
    Talmud chochom
    Re lev Tahor I have gratitude to YWN
    For bringing a cult to our attention
    Maybe saving a life
    However we criticize all the media
    for being biased against Israel
    then we must try and be unbiased
    When reporting on any issue



    Actually, the El Al coverage is borderline “fair and balanced” as Fox News used to say (but no longer makes a pretense). For all its warts, El Al, is the best we have and are likely to have given the self-destructive constraints of trying to simultaneously run a profit-making cpommercial scheduled airline and operate under the supervision of a gazillion rabbonim who think they know better than the Rabbanut about airline management and halacha.



    As a sort of adjunct to LH’s concluding words, perhaps you could add that since most of the world is against the Jewish people, and particularly frum people — we ought to show extra sensitivity before presenting what are often hyper-critical reports, news items and allowing comments about this or that group whose,main fault is being “more extreme” than we are. If we won’t stick up for each other, who will? Less dirty laundry in the open will definitely contribute to clearing the air.



    I agree 100% we are the creators of the poisen. Vote for unbiased frum reporting especially when dealing with other yidden.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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