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    Printing pictures of a kalla
    naming a her ….
    Is it tznius?
    Is it orthdox news?
    One rule for YWN and another for
    coffee room participants

    Shopping613 🌠

    YWN has never avoided posting pictures of women. So that’s not new.
    The couple did interviews with the media and have no issue being named.
    In addition there was no reporting on right or wrong or opinions, it was telling a story of what happened.

    Sam Klein

    Depends who YOU are and what your values are.
    When you compare YWN to other Jewish media some will say they are more frum but to other levels of frum or not so frum yidden they will not consider YWN so frum media cause they are more used to hanging out at more Yiddish news websites. Although on a separate note chassidim with their values should not be online at all for any reason. So if they are online then they should not have any taanis on YWN news and the way they report news if it has to do with chassidus

    While modern yidden and going up to frummer YWN news might say that they are more frum then others they are used to reading

    No news is good news.
    Fact: news is ALWAYS bad cause who cares about this stranger winning the lottery or making his flight on time by a miracle?


    Shopping: Until about two or so years ago this site never published pictures of women.


    It seems that YWN believes that most of its readers would like to see photos of young attractive women on this site. This may be correct but is a michshol to the male readership. I wish there would be a truly Chareidi news site without the female photos but I’m not aware of one.

    Shopping613 🌠

    @Joseph; knowing how long you are here I’ll assume you are correct.
    Even if that’s the case, 2 years is a long time.

    Whether it’s right or wrong, the issue isn’t with this specific article; it’s with YWN’s policy.
    That was my only point.


    It’s not like they are posting pictures of models (W/O too much clothes). The girl looked tznius, and if she is tznius enough for her wedding then why can’t she be good enough for a picture?


    Why should there be photos of males or females online? A human being should not be reduced to his or her visual appearance.


    @Joseph is a rabid pathetic liar again. YWN has been publishing photos of women for 15 years.

    Here is just one random link from 2007

    It should be noted, that 2007 was around the same time that Joseph (the holy anti-zionist neturei karta satmar know-it-all) began his stalking of women through the coffee room. It’s always those that scream about others aveiros that are guilty of the worst sins themselves.


    Before the question as to whether ywn
    has frum standards or not
    The question is do they moderate themselves
    or shoot from the hip then afterwards get
    a Rabbi to write an article comenting as to the
    Halachic justification
    Which makes them seem like they are frum


    what is frum anyway


    Loshenhora, you chose your screen name accurately.


    RebYidd you did not choose
    yours accurately
    Maybe you meant Rabid


    It should not be the responsibility of any media outlet, Jewish or not to protect its readers from their own “Yetzer HaRah”. If a man, knows that a photo of a kallah, a female school teacher or a female politician, etc. will cause him to have impure thoughts. He should avoid seeing the images and stay off the Internet. I would also suggest such a man seek help from both Rabbonim and mental health professionals.

    Neville ChaimBerlin

    There’s a heter to publish/distribute pictures of a woman even if it will cause people to gaze at her if it’s for the mitzvah of publicly shaming her and ruining her life forever.


    Also, I find it interesting that about half of the readership of this website (which I am a grateful fan of) seems to consistently itch and moan about how YWN isn’t frum enough for them….its hilarious actually. I’ve only been reading for about 3 years but it is apparent on almost any post that that involves women, the IDF, secular/american news, zionism, satmar, har habayis, etc. I enjoy it and it is entertaining. To the hundreds of complainers that still read this I think it is so ironic that you do.


    I guess there is a “Catch 22” for any frum website that is based on a commercial advertising business model. If you lean towards an exclusive chareidi “ultra-frum” target audience, there may not be a sufficient audience who use the internet (even with some filtering) to provide sufficient ad revenues. Obviously, YWN casts a wider net and attracts MO readership (and probably some other “hashfafos”) who come to the site for the timely and generally objective coverage of issues not addressed on other sites and the robust CR dicussions and debates. Its editorial standards are clear and from first-hand experience, fairly consitently and agressively applied by the editors and Mods. It ultimately comes down to the individual reader….if a photo of a woman (appropriately attired) or a story about a secular news event will be offensive, stay off the internet or patronize one of several ultra-frum websites that offer very limited coverage and perspective of matters of interest. to the large percentage of the tzibur.


    I completely respect RebYidd as a human being but this I think this was such a stupid comment:
    “Why should there be photos of males or females online? A human being should not be reduced to his or her visual appearance.”
    its just a photo….no one is reducing you to your visual appearance….hahaha


    DISCOVERHASHEM, it sounds like you didn’t really get it.


    Loshenhara, I’m sorry you’re offended.


    I am delighted this is all you MEN have to think about.

    On the other hand, it’s SICK.

    Neville ChaimBerlin

    To explain the thing you noticed about YWN readers, many of us, whether we admit it openly or not, are coming here for openly biased reporting. That’s what sells in general, as you can tell from the rest of the world.

    YWN has a pretty clear conservative political bias, which many of us like. Reading another frum publication like Hamodia you don’t get this so it gets a little boring. There’s also going to be biases with regards to religious hashkafa. Obviously we aren’t looking for a paper that gives objective treatment to news regarding Conservative/Reform movements. The readership here is always going to be Orthodoxy uber allez. Once you open up that flood gate, there are obviously going to be some people who feel rejected by the subjectivity.

    Another thing is that we have forums and comment sections here that other sites don’t. People might want to complain about the frumness of every newspaper, but you’ll only see it here. And, it will be exaggerated on the CR which is, for reasons theorized about on other threads, clearly more charedi than the comment sections of the home page.

    Oh, and by the way, the comment by RebYid you’re referring to was a joke.


    Correct, I don’t think I got it.
    was it a joke that I mistakenly took seriously?


    If I say it’s not orthodox will the mods approve my post?


    Orthodox/frum jews have lost
    their way
    We have become policemen of
    the torah
    We look at yenem before we look
    at our own faults
    And before any self righteous
    person starts with hoychayach
    That mitzvah was over years ago
    when we fell from the high
    standards demanded before
    one starts chastising his fellow

    Personally when someone asks
    me are you frum the answer
    must be
    traditionally !
    SHABBOS, Kashrus, taras
    That is not frum me thinks

    RebYidd apology accepted


    Fact is mods have one rule for themselves and another for
    Things we post are deleted
    however YWN publish a story
    committing the very same offence

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