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    Is this a Yeshivish website? If so, what does that mean?

    I thought that it was simply a website geared towards and created by observant Jews. Then I read something talking about the Yeshivish world, and wondered if maybe this is literally a Yeshiva-ish World News website?

    I hope that I articulated this question effectively. Basically, does Yeshiva mean “Yeshiva” in a general sense, or is it also connotative of Yeshiva-ish-ness?

    Granted, does it make a difference? Maybe people can tell the difference between Yeshiva-ish World News news articles compares to something else? I wonder…

    Thanks in advance 🙂 !!!!


    “Maybe people can tell the difference between Yeshiva-ish World News news articles compares to something else?”
    More appropriate topics less non-dressed woman. More YWN (literally) like things that only (very) religious jews would care about..less goyish world news like witch (misspell intended) celebrity died…


    Anyone using YWN as a news source for anything other than Jewish News is probably Yeshivish. Most other people would not use a Jewish news site as a news source, they’d rather hear it from the pros.

    (I don’t mean to knock Yeshiva World News in any way, shape or form, I mean to illustrate a reality).

    However, I have no doubt this post will come under fire from people who define the term ‘yeshivish’ differently than I do. I am coming from a specific viewpoint, and for those who understand it from my posts, wonderful.


    I think that’s a great question @lightbrite, I personally view YWN as a filtered (meaning less gashmius) news source to accommodate observant Jews, that is geared towards yeshivish people. This is not to say Modox Jews do not frequent the website, rather the news posted on this website is news that a yeshivish Jew would appreciate more than a more modern Jew. I’m referring to the photo essays of various rabbaim and alike that are obviously geared to a person of a more yeshivish background. The secular news posted on YWN is universally appreciated, while many of the posts that are actually about Judaism are yeshivish in my humble opinion.


    Yitzhak: Thanks! That really helps – explaining that the photo essays of rabbonim are geared towards a more YeshivIsh audience. I like how you pointed that out because I was wondering what the difference was in YWN compared to other frum news sites that I read and visit.


    FuturePOTUS: Thank you, I personally like getting my regular-secular news from YWN than secular sites. If I see something in YWN that I want more info about, then I can Google it and see what comes up in the recent news feed results, and go from there. Sometimes I do go to other new sites just because, with varying effects. The end ☺


    LB: “Yeshivah world” is often used to mean “the Yeshivish community.” So, yes, overall it is meant as a Yeshivish website, though they do sometimes have news (like photo essays) about Chassidic rebbes and the general Jewish community, and it seems that many Coffeeroom posters are MO, dati leumi, chassidic, etc. rather than Yeshivish. That is because there is nothing like the Coffeeroom for other non-Yeshivish groups, at least in English.


    @yytz “they do sometimes have news (like photo essays) about Chassidic rebbes”

    You mean like 50 photo albums a day? Around 500 photos of rebbes every day? me thinks loads of Chassidim frequent the site for that. Me also thinks that most readers are not yeshivish. More MoDox.


    how about opening chasidish world news o yekishe world news


    Not yeshivish. It’s modern as are all zionists.

    Jerusalem observer

    MTAB: I agree it is not Yeshivish because Yeshivish people do not spend time on the Internet. I don’t think that is a waste of time, but they do.

    shpitz yeshivish

    i think the whole of ywn is an elbon hatorah. it’s for tzionim, i should say for off the derechs, but theres not much difference. what is a zionist? – someone whos sole aim is to destroy torah and mitzvos, to wipe the charedim off the face of planet earth. to destroy the difference between goyim and yidden, they try to draft our holy bochurim , who the whole world rests on their shoulders, into the army. ywn is a zionist website – because they dont keep halocha. i was looking at a picture and in the background there was a tzniously dressed women. dont they know that in the ketzos siman 34 its written that its ossur to publicize pictures of women.
    i am genuinely upset and i hope they will improve themselves, or if not change their name to

    Edited – Sorry, no links


    I thought it was Av, not Adar.


    Shpitz Yehishivish: <what is a zionist? – someone whos sole aim is to destroy torah and mitzvos, to wipe the charedim off the face of planet earth. to destroy the difference between goyim and yidden>

    K what are you saying?

    That’s such a shpitz yeshivish thing to say


    (I don’t think it was intended as a link. Depending on what the name was,
    it might have been amusing if a website with that name actually existed.)

    Shopping613 🌠

    Nothing that is frum media and has more than 3 people working on it can be given a label of any sort. This includes forums, magazines, websites, etc.

    You stuff everyone who “calls” themselves yeshivish, chareidi, frum, orthodox, ultra orthodox, modern orthodox, and dati leumi machmir into one box and expect them to all have the same hashkafos.

    And when they don’t everyone is shocked.
    Give me a break. Everyone has a different definition of yeshivish and every other label. Everyone has different chumros, values, and hashkafos.

    All any media, website, or magazine can do is attempt to run with guidance from a small select group of rabanim and call themselves whatever those rabanim do.

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