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    Little kid says to adults: you made me fall off of my bike! Adults reply: no, you fell off yourself, here is the video from our front door camera and a phone tap discussion between your two friends who witnessed you falling and they admit it was your fault. Plus we were nowhere near you when you fell.
    Kid says “it’s your fault!”

    How does the world fall for this and possibly equate the two sides of the conversion? One is a bald faced accusation with no evidence

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    If the little kid is your best friend and the adult is someone you hate then there’s your answer


    1. The Israelis have no incentive to target a hospital (since in the end, they’ll have to treat the patients when they retake Gaza) unless it was being used as a military base (e.g. guiding drones from the roof, which the Israelis didn’t claim).

    2. The Americans said the Israelis didn’t do it, and Biden stuck his neck out to say so.

    3. The Palestinians have a history of inferior weaponry, which is why even though they have been harassing the Israelis for years by sending rockets at civilian targets, they were seen as more of a nuisance than an existential threat (until they switch to ground assaults and started trying to retake territory that was on the Israeli side of the 1949 armistice (green) line. So the “friendly fire” explanation is credible.


    hamas must be condemned, sanctioned, and punished for their heinous war crime. bombing a civilian hospital–their own civilians, at that.

    — Nike and Coca Cola and Mickey Mouse
    –Neptune Inhabitants

    Oops, sorry. misquote.


    If the adult was in middle of fighting with the little kid, and the little kid falls off his bike, your first assumption should be that the adult knocked him down. Once the adult denies, then you shouldn’t make any assumption and instead headline that they are trading accusations. Once the adult provides evidence but that evidence cannot be independently corroborated, that should be the headline. Once the evidence is corroborated, that should be the headline.

    And that’s exactly what happened.


    The Palestinians say big deal you showed us pix? You faked them. You played a recording? You made that up. And America lied to cover up their friend Israel. Their crazy and wrong, but that’s their shitah in life.


    I am tired of this “civilian” discourse. It implies that governments are separate from the people. It is the people in Gaza who kill us, the terrorist groups is just how they organize themselves. Hamas has overwhelming support. The six year old kid waiving a hamas flag and saying he wants to kill Jews, why should his life be more precious than a 24 year old waving a hamas flag and saying he wants to kill Jews?


    With the support the Arab and liberal world has demonstrated for Hamas over the past week it is now clear that we are looking at pure evil in the face. Amalek. Hamas is Gaza and Gaza is Hamas. There are no civilians in Gaza, only terrorists, mothers of terrorists and future terrorists.

    OP makes a valid point, of course. Hamas are pure liars. They literally recorded their pogrom and had the audacity to come on tv the following day and claim they did not kill any civilians. Propping up Hamas lies as a valid view point is the material support of terrorism, a federal crime for which Talib and Omar must face the mandatory minimum: life in prison.



    I’m afraid you have it right, nuke them all and let HaShem sort them out. Discourse is dead at this point.


    Doom, I disagree.
    Much like minors should not be able to make gender decisions, so too thr law doesn’t hold them to the same standards as adults. Usually they are parroting what they hear in school or at home.
    Those kids do grow up to be murderers so you may say they are all Ben Sorer Umorer but that would assume the parents aren’t happy with their life choices. Here the majority of parents seem to support the Hamas.
    But our saying nuke them all supports their claim that all Israelis are soldiers and there are no Israeli civilians. We need to watch what we say


    @Baltimore Maven????
    The two friends who witnessed the event cannot admit anything. They can only relay their observations.
    An admission can only be made by the person committing an action, or co-conspirators in a crime.

    Basic rule of law/court procedures.


    CT they are probably also kids and possul to testify. Or reword it two friends who witnessed you falling and they will testify it was your fault.
    You knew what I meant. You get the moshul too. Let’s not nitpick.


    whatever we are saying, Arab propaganda news is continuing with the story that (a) Israel bombed the hospital, (b) Israel is now lying about it “as usual” … at some point, their “news page” showed both articles with the above theory and a lesser version that Iron dome hit the incoming missile and parts fell on the hospital.

    On the facts, the question is – what actually exploded? probably, explosives that were kept in/under the hospital

    Pn propaganda, I am afraid but it may be very effective on arab population that will continue to be inflamed and outraged.


    With regards to the “civilians” conversation,

    We need to make a differentiation between Criminal Justice, and War. In Criminal Justice, especially Jewish Criminal Justice, you can only convict someone if you have certain proof that they committed a transgression. You need two witnesses, and a warning, and a minor can not be liable.
    In War, your priority is to protect your people from attack, or to conquer an enemy. Even Western armies will kill a six year old child if he points a gun at the soldiers. In fact, Western inspired international law is much more lenient that we imagine, and most claims of “war crimes” are not. As Jews we must follow Jewish law in warfare, just like we follow Jewish law in eating, Jewish law in marriage, and Jewish law in civil disputes.

    Taliba Inme

    The bomb exploded in the parking lot and not in the building. As you can see clearly in the video the rocket going over the hospital and then hitting solid ground. They blaming Israel for a catastrophe that did not occur or is not as bad as they make it out to be. That should be enough proof that Hamas is lying about it being from Israel, because if they can make up one story. Then they’d likely make up another one.

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