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    Hi all, just wondering who else is currently in Israel experiencing war. That siren is Jerusalem was really scary, I thought war times were a thing of the past. Does this mean that Israel will finally retake Gaza? Any thoughts?


    We’ve not had sirens where we live, but two of my kids heard sirens at work a few nights ago. Since then, business has slacked off for them at night; one of them came home early last night because the Aroma where she works had no customers.

    A friend of mine in Tel Aviv has posted several videos and pictures of people heading for shelters, taking cover beside bust stops, etc.

    Will Israel retake Gaza? Doubtful. That would mean a protracted ground war and many casualties.


    I have family all over E”Y and have not heard from anyone. THAT is scary.


    Half the people I know are saying I should of ran to the nearest building and I was stupid not to, and the other half said instead of standing in middle of the street like an idiot with my mouth open wide, I should’ve laid down and put my hands on my head…

    What do you think? They don’t teach you this stuff in american school


    oomis, have you tried contacting them?


    I remember the last “war” (about two years ago) I was davening ??? ???? ???? ????? ???? in a Yeshiva in the South when the sirens went off. Guys ran out in middle! And then on the right Boom! Then in the back Boom! And then on the left BOOM! That was scary!! Ended having several minyanim for ???? ??? in the ????. All this was after our city had a direct hit!


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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