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    anyone know a good company to rent a cell phone in israel from for 7 weeks? I don’t want to pay a few dollars a day (the cheapest I’ve seen is $3 a day- adds up to a lot), but all the monthy plans I’ve seen are for 10 months. any advice?


    When do you plan on going? If it’s in the summer, maybe you can find a sem girl who will give you the phone she used all year, and then you can cancel the plan right before you leave. A plan that was used all year should be very cheap.


    If you have certain apple products like an iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad, you can get some apps that have texting and calling for free. I’m not sure of all the different apps but 2 of them are Pinger and Textfree. However you might need wifi to use them.

    shmoolik 1

    buy a local sim card for prepaid and then buy a prepaid card then put it in your US phone


    sem613 I had an amazing experience with Amp Cellular. I used them around January and they are definitely the cheapest (I made an extensive research), customer service was very good! when I was in seminary I used another company that took my money for no reason. You can call them, no links hope this helps!!


    If you need calls to abroad it’s worth your while joining Golan or HOTon their plans that have free calls abroad. Even though some of the contracts are for 10 months to a year it probably works out cheaper than joining some american company who charge you per day or per month exorbitant amounts.


    so i looked into golan- but i was told that it is very very difficult to get it if you are not israeli.

    kkls- thanks for the advice, but i need to be able to have phone even when I’m not at wifi for while I am working. I’m not super worried about calling america because I am living by family that has an american line, its more to communicate with the people I am working for and coordenate seeing people in israel.

    r of ds- thats an interesting idea, i never thought about that

    shmoolik- you’re saying an american prepaid plan will work? or where do I get an israeli prepaid?

    esty- i’ve heard good things about them, but the $3 a day is a bit much for 7 weeks, I’ve been talking to them about getting a lower price, but I don’t know if its going anywhere.

    thanks so much everyone!

    go jays

    travel cell is very good

    lebidik yankel

    A prepaid sim goes for 30 shekel = ~$8 and there is no charge other than for calls. Incoming calls free. You will find yourself talking less. Probably the best deal.

    Member or call 7185890195, cheapest deal out there.


    may be cheaper to just come to israel and get a regular line from orange or whatever with a plan for 2 months.


    Just signed up with Cellular Israel for a short term, mainly because I wanted a smartphone in Israel (I don’t own one), and they had a decent enough deal for short term. But while I’m there I’ll pick up an Israeli SIM card and do the prepaid thing next trip. By then I’ll probably own a smartphone in the USA because they’re really not offering much else anyway, or I can buy a cheap phone in Israel I’ve heard.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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