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    Has anyone here hiked the Israel National Trail, or at least part of it?

    I’m looking up info on it & it sounds interesting to hike. I would like to hear some reviews about what you thought about it, what you should have brought along, what you should NOT have brought along & really anything else that you can tell me from your own personal experience (I know how to use Google, so I know some stuff about it, but want to hear your personal experience/advice).

    am yisrael chai

    I know what you should bring along.



    I’ve done Yam li’Yam… which is overlaps a lot (in the North)

    things to bring:


    changes of underwear and socks

    things to snack on while you hike

    raingear (I went pesach time two years ago… really good story if you’re interested)

    stuff to start a fire and heat up water



    FLASHLIGHT (and flares if you want to be extra safe… all part of that story)

    ace bandages/wraps

    You don’t need a tent (if you’re a tiny bit adventurous- I didnt have one)

    if i think of anything else I’ll let you know


    I am planning to do Yamlyam as well. Do you suggest it for females? How was it?

    Other things I suggest for a overnight hike is protein bars… really fills you up when you don’t feel like making a meal. And toilet paper!!!!!!!!


    not-kosher cellphone, so if need help and there is no klita, can text message.


    I just finished Yam L’yam and as mentioned it overlaps part of shvil yisroel. Yes it is ok for females- my (female) cousin did it. Just make sure to have a good quality hiking backpack it makes a huge difference on your back. Other than that bring crocs/sandals. On the first day we did Nachal Kziv and we had to cross over the nachal every five minutes because the path zigzagged over it. The water was a little higher than usual and my shoes got wet. I ended up finishing up the day with wet shoes which made the next two days pretty painful.


    Definitely bring a good hiking bag. I had a Kal Gav I bought for about 135 shekel; I think it was 55 liters.

    Lots of girls from Seminary were doing Yam Liyam when I was. They all did really well; except they underpacked food so I was feeding them the whole time. Undereating when on a strenuous hike is no way to lose weight…

    And a towel is probably a good idea too

    Anybody going should be sure they know how to read a map or they should get a tourguide


    Yid.period. Thanks, that list is similar to what I have on mine, so that means it should be fine. I was curious about going without a tent, so I think I’ll be adventerous & did you encounter any bugs or animals at night? BTW, I’m up for your Pesach story. What happened?

    And for you & Yeshivaguy1, how long did Yam L’Yam take?

    Are there any trails that are more “Torah-centered” & go through historical sites? I would really like to go to historical places that have significance in the Torah & which have some spiritual significance, while avoiding other places such as Tel Aviv.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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