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    Israel has reacted with fury after Russia’s foreign minister claimed that Nazi leader Adolf Hitler “had Jewish blood”.

    Sergei Lavrov made the comments to try to justify Russia’s portrayal of Ukraine as “Nazi” despite the fact that its president is Jewish.


    This is an almost perfect illustration of how degenerate the Putin regime is Russia as.

    Just watch Tucker Carlson agree with Lavrov today.

    yaakov doe

    Jackk, it will take a day or so for Carlson to get his talking points from Moscow. He will open his show in a few days asking “What if Zelensky is a really a Nazi? What if Hitler had Jewish ancestors? We want to know”


    From a sefer written in 1950s by former Jewish politicians in Latvia. During 20-s, 30s, they were happily fighting “fascist” Latvians and fellow Jews, and the book is somewhat a teshuva for how they mis-understood Soviet and Nazi threats. One scene from a book: one (of 3-4 total?) Jewish members of Seim (socialist?) gives a speech and lambasts “that fascist”. Prime minister or President, already burned by that term, jumps us and shouts – how dare you call me …. The Jew – pan Ulmanis, of course I am not talking about you – I am talking about him (pointing to the other right-winger Jew).


    Some theorize that Lavrov got the twisted “idea” (out of desperation) after Kremlin’s conversations lately (such as on Apr-18) with Abu Mazen, as a protest against Israel’s (joining UN’s most nations in) condemnation of Bucha massacre…
    As the “moderate” Abu Nazen is a Holocaust denier (partially) and in 2018 tried even to say that Stalin was supposedly from out Nation, which is of course 100% false, then he took it back.

    Reb Eliezer

    Look up the wikipedia on Maria Schicklgruber the paternal grandmother of Hitler ym’s. They found no Jewish background.

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