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    Anyone have any ideas where to go if you already went to the typical places-masada, ein gedi, old city, kotel, kevarim.

    Anyone know anything off the beaten track?

    Also who does good jeeping trip?


    Dave Hirsch

    Check out Rosh Hanikrah, it’s amazing. Now in the winter I would recommend the skiing on the Hermon. For some warm weather and beaches go to Eilat (depending on your religious preferences of course). You can go to MiniIsrael to see all of Israel in model. In the neighborhood you can check out the zoo of only monkeys. If I’ll come up with some more I’ll let you know. Jeeping you have some fantastic ones in and around Eilat, also in the Ramon crater. You have some good ones in the Susa-Amuka area. It really depends on your preferences however. Anyway, have a safe trip and enjoy!


    Haifa is beautiful and there are some interesting places here.


    There are frum tour guides who can take you on a tour of Israel through the words of the Tanach. Places like the battle in Gilboa, Emek Ayalon, Kever Yoseph Hatzadik in Shchem, fishing for the chilazon of techelet in the western Galil, the hidden secrets of Chevron, caves in midbar Yehudah and much more. It being winter, a trip to Metullah and the rivers feeding into the Kinneret (Hatzbani, Dan, Yarden, etc…) is quite beautiful.


    So lucky, going to Israel! Enjoy. One of my favorate things that I have done is hiking at Gamlah it is up north, but might be too cold to do this time of year.


    Meoras Ha’kemach (flour caves) is a real must. Its on the way down to Masada, and when i was there last (in 1990) I went with Gershon Kaufman (if he’s still in the business).

    If not, SPNI (its the Israeli Nature Conservancy)can put you in touch with a reputable, safe guide


    North is gorgeous. Boating on the Kineret is awesome. I loved Natanya, Rosh Hanikrah, etc., but Yerushalayim always was my favorite place to be. I have not been able to go back for almost 40 years, but I assume the Land is as gorgeous and emotionally uplifting as ever, if not more so.



    TraitorTours (TM) shows you occupied Balastin like no one else can. Experience a Ku Klutz Kartel tisch in the heart of Gaza, help leftists plant olive trees near Chevron so terrorists can hide out, go on an ambulance run with a suicide bomber in the back seat, and now, you can even tour the tunnels between Gaza and Egypt and help the true Balestinian occupants of the land smuggle weapons, drugs and cash for their legitimate struggle against the Zionist oppressor.

    Contact: Yishmoel D. Weiss, Monsey Masjid, 102 Saddle River Road (845) 371-0490


    If you have an interest in the IDF, especially the Tank Corps, go on a visit to Latrun. That’s both a museum and memorial for the tank corps. There are also a couple hundred tanks you can climb on, if you’re so inclined.


    The Bullet Factory was good.

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