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    “A Israeli driver told me today “lo pigashti nahag kamocha bechaim sheli”

    Please explain


    What does that even mean? It sounds mean.

    ED IT OR

    There isnt


    a driver

    like you

    in my life


    In my life I haven’t met a driver like you – in other words you are horrible driver.


    I dated a chocolate-like (that’s artificial chocolate) custom on top of my chaim, for him.


    aswas – ????


    Don’t eat your customs like flour inside your life of mine

    It’s a compliment


    teebee, that sounds BAD! Israelis are notorious for being crazy drivers. If you got sick a “complaiment” then you better retake Drivers Ed! 😀

    But here in the Coffee Room you can “drive” any way you’d like! Welcome aboard! Stay awhile, get afflicted and have fun!! Don’t forget to read the [sticky] threads (those blue ones on the top of the main page). And ask for help any time you need it.


    “Stay awhile, get afflicted” that should be changed to “Stay awhile, get addicted”


    Oops! Why doesn’t SwiftKey read my mind to see what I really want to type instead of guessing?!

    Thanks cij!

    I think I’m afflicted with an addiction to the CR!

    cij, you addicted yet? 😉


    …If you got sick a “complaiment”…

    Another SwiftKey mess-up! That should say “…If you got such a “complaiment”…”


    “Why doesn’t SwiftKey read my mind to see what I really want to type instead of guessing?!”

    LOL!!! Actually I thought u especially wrote afflicted (coz a lot of posters get attacked) but I thought that was a bit of a harsh way to “welcome” someone to the CR, so I suggested addicted (which is not good, but better than getting afflicted 😉 ) Actually I should have known you better SIDI that u wouldn’t say something like that! So I am sorry!

    “cij, you addicted yet?” You tell me…..?? 😉

    Little Froggie

    If you don’t understand the Hebrew (you’re new), then it means “I have never met a courteous and well mannered driver such as you!” By all means a compliment. No – don’t change.


    I find it hard to believe that you can be that bad. I’ve seen too many horrible Israeli drivers. Some make NYC cab drivers look good.

    My experience, other than the usual cutting you off with an inch to spare and tailgating, how about darting out into traffic without looking or caring that there are cars in your way.

    A few Russian drivers have done that to me. They are the worst of all. We had to take driving lessons and a driving test because many came to Israel with forged licenses and didn’t know how to drive. A driving instructor told me of a Russian, with a Russian license that didn’t even know where to put the key.

    Then there is the motorcycle drivers with a death wish.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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