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    The cutoff point to get seats in the Knesset is 2% of the vote Kadima got it and will have 2-3 seats


    Am Shalem cost Shas one vote. I didn’t check Amnon Yitzchak’s party.


    Zahavasdad: Yeah, it’s a pity. I wish Otzma had gotten in.


    Sushee: I was hoping for Bayit Yehudi to get 15, Otzma 2, Shas 13 and UTJ 8. So as to force Netanyahu into a right wing, Chareidi coalition.

    This would have happened if Satmar had not derailed nor sabotaged the elections.

    Because of satmar’s unconscionable actions, I hereby am pledging to increase my Zionism:- Reshis Tzemichas Ge’uloseinu, by increasing my observance of Yom ha’Atzmaut & Yom Yerusholayim, by praying more fervently each Shabbos morning during the MisheBeirach for Medinat Yisroel Reshis Tzemichas Ge’uloseinu, and I shall be spending more money at the forthcoming YU Seforim Sale, and I have taken the unexpected decision to make a previously unplanned trip to Israel for Purim, to help boost the Israeli economy & patronize El Al.

    However, to the credit of Satmar, I must confess 1 item which I gladly share in common with them:- We are both not members of Agudath Israel of America, due to irreconcilable differences with their Shita.


    147: LOL! If you pay for my ticket, I’ll go to Israel too!


    147 – “Because of satmar’s unconscionable actions, I hereby am pledging to increase my Zionism:”

    Since when does a Farbissene Tzioni like you need an excuse? I thought you held these things were a Mitzva?


    More of the typical malaise and indecision – and hopefully an exodus, particularly of chilonim, as the left and the leftist American administration embolden the Arabs to make life in EY miserable and the medine come to its well-deserved end.

    Hashem Hu Malkenu.


    Yea, Achosid(Joe), the Chareidim won big — with the anti-Chareidi party coming in second with 19 seats! Indeed!


    Chaim Amsellem, received 43,095 votes (1.2%)

    Otzma Leyisrael received 61,825 votes (representing 1.73%)

    None got it. Wasted votes.


    When I saw the results across the board, with names included, I came to the conclusion that the medine needs to be under adult supervision.


    Am Shavur (or Am Shilem) could have joined his friend Lipman and run on Lapid’s sinas chinam list. It does not look like Amnon Itzhak did too much damage to anyone.

    As for the medine, EY is too important to leave in the hands of the Israelis. Torah Jews the world over should join with real bnei Torah in EY and negotiate with Arabs in private, so we are guaranteed a small, autonomous Torah yishuv and rights to daven in the mekoimois hakedoishim when the medine falls.


    We know that Lapid will be in the coalition now.


    There are only 60 MK’s between Likud and the rigjt-wing/Chareidi parties. So it isn’t enough for a coalition, since he needs at least 61. Bibi NEEDS a leftist party like Lapid.


    The Bear, Bnei Torah in E.Y. can not stay in learning without the “Medine”. Who’ll pay their bills?


    Am Shavur (or Am Shilem) could have joined his friend Lipman and run on Lapid’s sinas chinam list.

    Bear, I’m actually surprised that you believe as such. Yesh Atid is very much of the Satmar Shitta of not giving money to Avrachim from the Zionist entity. I would have thought that even though they are all Shreklache Zionists, you would think Yesh Atid was the best of the bad.


    Ein Atid aims to destroy kedushas ha’aretz and entrap Jews who are truly tinokois shenishbeu into severe averois through civil marriage etc.

    There are many yeshivos that operate without the help of the medine. The difference for such yeshivos would be a decline in their monthly electric bills when they switch to an Arab supplier.

    In any event, it is only the ridiculous system in EY that keeps avrechim who want to leave kollel from entering the work force. The medine does NOT want charedim in the work force, polluting the tzioinish enterprise and spearheading a wave of tshuva. They want them in the army to shmad them out – if they agreed to national service, it would truly be the end of the medine as they knew it and wanted it. The status quo is great for the medine too, as charedim are held in contempt for refusal to work when it is the tzioinish system that keeps them down.

    The medine cannot win a fight against Arabs, especially with Sugar Daddy America moving away from its side. Therefore, it fights Jews, in the way of the misyovnim and baryoinim of old whose skewed traditions it upholds.

    Gam ze yaavor.


    It seems that someone at Habyit Hayudi also called for the draft of Charedim and Many Yesh Atid voters were secular right wingers whom Lapid wants to honor and not negotiate so much. he is not pro-arab.

    Lapid does not want to be with the leftists, he wants to be with Bibi.


    Lapid is not pro-Arab, but he is anti-Judaism, which makes him anti-Jewish. HaBayit Eino Yehudi is a secular party with a yarmulke. If it really advocated a bayit yehudi, it would not have won a single seat. As it is, its message is so mixed that I don’t understand why it isn’t down there with Kadima or below the threshold with the similarly murky Am Shilem.

    What is more, the moment there is alternative national service or a draft, Lapid’s whole raison d’etre is gone and he won’t ever see a Knesset seat again. He knows that, and he will therefore stay out just so he claims he is fighting for what he supposedly believes in. This way, he can delude himself into thinking he will get more seats next time.

    Finally, the medine knows that the moment charedim enter the workforce, it is the end of the ugly Charedi stereotype that the ruling clique wants to enforce. It will be the beginning of a wave of tshuva, and a guarantee that if the medine still exists as anything other than a binational state along the lines of Lebanon or Rwanda it will have a frum majority in 20-50 years.


    Well, as already promised in this coffee room topic, I am as per my word & commitment, increasing my Zionism, in protest at this organization which abstained from voting at the Israeli elections.

    I have already made several purchases at the YU Seforim Sale.

    Then IY’H this coming week I am taking this unexpected trip to Israel, to boost the Israeli economy. Based on the weather forecast, this snow storm should be history by the time my Aeroplane IY’H takes off. HaShem has been very good to me & my spouse, and we have a lot to be grateful for, that as Adar commences we shall IY’H experience true Simcha going to Eretz Yisroel [without a snow storm on the day of our trip], praying at the Kossel, and augmenting the Israeli economy. All of this on the coattails of this Rabbi who pressed so hard to dissuade voters in Israel, which truly repulsed me.

    We eagerly look forward to purchasing & distributing Matonos l’Evyonim & Shelach Monos in Eretz Yisroel.


    147: shopping at the SOY seforim sale does not support Israel or Zionists. I kinda think its funny the whole concept of this American Zionist. The guy who thinks he is a zionist because he says mi shebeyrach on shabbis. What a joke. The Zionist who sits comfortably in his estate in Teaneck and pontificates that a true zionist is one who buys israeli bonds or shops at the SOY seforim sale. a joke. the maraglim also said, “look at these beautiful fruits” and “what a great country” until yehoshua said “ok lets go live there.” then their american zionism kicked in “no we cant live there but we’ll be zionists from the desert.” fools.

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