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    So yay, Israel’s getting an earthquake early warning system.

    Wondering what do people do in those 20-30 seconds between the first and second earthquake wave? Do they run to the miklot? Are they safe?



    I hadn’t read about this until now, so I don’t have much information on the Israeli system.

    Residents in areas where earthquakes tend to occur know to set up homes and businesses in such a way as to minimize the dangers from heavy or sharp falling objects and know which areas of the structure offer the best protection in a pinch.

    Building codes in such areas promote designs and practices that protect occupants and pedestrians to the extent possible.

    Bear in mind that 30 seconds isn’t a lengthy amount of time, though it may be all the time at hand.

    Note also, that one possible provision in a warning system withholds a warning were pandemonium is deemed the greater danger. For example, no call to evacuate a densely populated area if roadways cannot support a massive exodus.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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