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    30 percent of israeilis live in extreme poverty, under the
    Poverty line. And 50 percent live in moderate poverty
    Source i 24 news


    Defining “poverty” is a problem. Some people (using Brooklyn as an example) consider poverty to mean they can’t afford to go to the mountains for the summer. Many Americans would consider inability to own a house or a car to indicate poverty. Many people are officially considered to be in poverty, yet also suffer from diabetes (consider that to have type 2 diabetes, one almost certainly needs to be overweight, which implies more than adequate food).

    One should ask what percentage of Israelis lack housing (and in particular lack housing with running water and indoor plumbing), lack the ability to afford Torah education for their children, lack enough to eat, are unable to afford sufficient clothing and are forced to wear rags or go barefoot. A good reference point is to examine the standard of living most Jews had in the 19th century (whether in the Russian Empire or the Ottoman Empire) and compare it to today.


    Abolish the State.

    Shimon Nodel

    Having a lot of not healthy food doesn’t indicate financial wellness


    Romain: Please define what you (or your source”) mean by the term “poverty line”??? As Apukerma noted, there is no established metric for poverty. Are you using the Bituach Leumi definition or some other metric.


    The Zionists don’t allow the chareidim to work unless they convert to Zionism. Abolishing that Zionist cruelty would help.


    they can always move to a cheaper place


    > don’t allow the chareidim to work unless they convert to Zionism.

    this wins the prize for an excuse. Learn to code and work remote for an American company.


    AAQ: The zionist law *prohibits* them from working for anyone, anywhere, remote or onsite, if they didn’t serve in the zionist army.


    ujm, please clarify what this law says. Are you saying that if someone leaves a yeshiva and works, he then he becomes eligible for the army? till what age?


    AAQ: If someone doesn’t join the army because he’s in yeshiva, he’s prohibited from accepting any paid employment until (if I recall) he is 28 years old.


    according to papers, the exemption age was just lowered from 24 to 21, will go up to 22 but will allow vocational training or national service after 21. I am sure I am mixing up something here, hope someone knows better. I would think that someone who was learning full time from age 4 to 21, or 24, would have enough skills to quickly learn a profession. When internet was starting, I had a chance to help several T’Ch and professors to get to the speed with the Net, and those with good Gemora education were much faster.


    ujm, hakatan, and fellow travelers: The vast majority of charedi woman work, and there are many gannanot that serve as childcare. There are charedi men in trucking, in construction trades in food service and distribution, day trading, and other online work. The anti state knee jerk reactions are party line claptrap and fear of bogeymen. The facts on the ground here don’t align with your worldviews.


    Avi K

    UJM, when did you become a supporter of terror?

    HaKatan, you are over on hotzaat shem ra. Besides, Zionism is part of Judaism. We daven for the return to Zion, not Brooklyn.


    “We daven for the return to Zion”
    And that day has yet to come


    Akuperma its got Nothing to do with vacations,
    The poverty line was defined as living on less than 3000
    Shekels per a month, people under the poverty
    Line dont work, but have small stands
    And 3000 shekels while rent costs 8000 shekels

    mesivta bachur

    The true anti-zionists will serve in the army and get a job as to avoid being reliant on the medina stipends. If you (ujm) will say all those in kollel should not accept stipends or well fair then I would be willing to hear you say the reason charedim don’t go to the army is zionism.

    This is not to condone or condemn charedim in the army just seeing who is a true Anti Zionist who is just shouting slogans.


    Most Israelis live in moderate poverty ,the world Bank defines someone in moderate poverty as someone who’s spends over 70 percent of he’s income on rent source world Bank website

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