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    If my “neizel” is NOT dripping, why is my throat chronically sore?

    If not for the existence of hot water and Ricola drops, I don’t know where I’d be:)And with singing – much less range for a few years already.

    Any advice?

    The doctor? YES of course I went-many times.

    Any homeopathic remedies that don’t involve unheard-of herbs that cost $79.98? (ex.Hornet’s Moustache Extract)


    do you have your tonsils?


    Have you been to an ENT or even a Gastro-enterologist (you could have serious esophageal reflux)? And no, it is not always post-nasal drip. My daughter had strep even though the doc thought PND, and it took two days for the culture to come back positive.


    Tonsils – check.

    GI – don’t want an endoscopy:( – that’s how they would know, right?

    I think I will have another culture–the “rapids” are useless…culture not checked after more than 5 mts. Maybe that’s it.

    Thank you both!


    If it’s GERD, all the cultures in the world aren’t going to solve your problem. Make an appointment with an ENT. An endoscopy is really no big deal. In the meantime, take sensible measures against reflux — don’t eat close to bedtime, make sure your head is raised when you sleep (use more pillows or a wedge).


    Thank you…after a whole Shabbos of resting, I’m still in pain…I will try the elevated head thing, but I barely ate this Shabbos…if it was GERD wouldn’t that have improved matters?


    try a different doc?? the GI might just give you reflux meds to try b4 endoscopy anyhow. Or he might know better what to be looking at in your throat just at eye level. Gluck n refuah shleima.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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