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    There are some very worthwhile aps for the Itouch (and/or IPhone), such as iTalmud and iMishna. Plus my son, who enjoys his mp3 player emmensely, would like to be able to watch video shiurim from

    However, how does one block the general wifi that’s part of the itouch? Are there reliable parental controls available either as part of the OS software or available separately?


    u can take away the browser the youtube app the appstore and itunes, and then make a password to get it back and when u want to buy a app for your son buy it and then take it off the screen and inorder to get it back theres a password, just dont tell your son the password


    In researching this issue, one of the biggest problems is that resetting the itouch to the factory settings (which can be done easily), will delete any settings that were put onto the device itself. Yesterday I read about a program called Mobicip that works through the iTunes on the computer where the iTouch is synced, and will send emails to someone indicating every site the user visits. there is an option to set up a list of “white listed” (allowed) websites, as well as a black list. That way, for example, someone could allow sites like and kol haloshon, by putting them on the white list.

    Can a tech savvy kid still bypass these things? Yes, but if someone stops getting emails about usage, and yet knows that the kid is using their iTouch, then it’s time to inspect the computer and the iTouch, and probably take it away.


    A Woman outside bklyn

    as they say “wake up and smell the coffee”

    you’re giving him a loaded gun, and hoping he won’t play with it!

    the rewards of learning via iphone is not worth the risk, either look into a ipod (i don’t think you can go on line with it) or download the learning to a cd and for $9.99 you can get a simple cd player.


    Chesedname, you’re probably right. Most of this came up because I gave my son my 30gb click wheel Ipod after his Ipod was stolen, and thought I might get an iTouch for myself. But I wouldn’t want a device around that can potentially be dangerous to others in my family. Good idea about downloading those programs, didn’t know I could do that, although, since iTalmud is a video based application, what does a CD player have to do with it?


    i have no idea what iTalmud is, obviously if it’s visual a cd player won’t work.

    but for those that want to download shuirim onto the iphone it’s best to do it on cd.

    better safe than sorry.

    lots of luck to you, a woman that isn’t in Brooklyn and proud of it lol


    iTalmud (and iMishna) are actually quite impressive applications. They are like scanned versions of Shas that the user can read on their iTouch, iPhone or iPad. I doubt that someone actually sat and scanned thousands of pages, but however they created it (the company is called, it’s impressive! While it will never take the place of a Beis Medrash, for a son like mine, who likes to spend all his time learning, it would be great for when he’s in the car (backseat), or may want to look something up quickly without benefit of having seforim at hand.

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