It’s almost Rosh Chodesh Elul, does your daughter have a school yet?!?

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    I have been reading with a lot of interest about the topic of semminary if it is worth it or not. However, I think that we all agree that High School is not a luxury and a must for all girls. So, logic dictates that all girls living in Lakewood at this point should have been placed by one of the school by this point so that they can start their preperations. Saddly there are still girls without a school. For what ever reason, the schools in question are still “looking” into the matter and have not come to a decision.

    These are girls who for what ever reason have been put on the black list of the society and now must suffer despite the fact that they (the girls) are willing to dress accordingly and act the way they are told.

    I think that it’s time that someone from the school administration should speak up and explain how they are able to go to sleep at night (let alone face the up coming new year) knowing the pain and sufffering they are causing by placing politics before human need and sensitivities.


    I dont know how practical it is, but perhaps parents should keep their children home for a day in “protest” of the decisions that keep children out of any school.


    It’s much worse today then it was 15 years ago when this letter was written. You need to apply for your child getting into any school a full year before you need to start school education for your child if you want any chance of getting them into a school.

    Very sad to see what happened.


    Girls do not have a mitzva of learning Torah. Enroll them into an online general-studies school (some states have it public, others have affordable private options, including at least one yeshivish) – options vary based on whether you want more or less general education for your daughter. Then, prepare a field for her to learn and practice chesed – whether at home or in some other families or organization. Then, invite several friends to organize learning that includes middos and halochos and whatever else you consider important. If none of the parents are educated to teach and you can’t afford a tutor, do it online. If all good teachers in your town teach in schools during the day, move hour class to afternoon when lots of teachers will be happy to get extra pay.


    Your suggestion creates social outcasts, can do major psychological harm, and hurt a shidduch resume.

    Homeschooling is one thing when living OOT and there is no girls’ high school, but a huge red flag for a Lakewood resident

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