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    I have been reading with a lot of interest about the topic of semminary if it is worth it or not. However, I think that we all agree that High School is not a luxury and a must for all girls. So, logic dictates that all girls living in Lakewood at this point should have been placed by one of the school by this point so that they can start their preperations. Saddly there are still girls without a school. For what ever reason, the schools in question are still “looking” into the matter and have not come to a decision.

    These are girls who for what ever reason have been put on the black list of the society and now must suffer despite the fact that they (the girls) are willing to dress accordingly and act the way they are told.

    I think that it’s time that someone from the school administration should speak up and explain how they are able to go to sleep at night (let alone face the up coming new year) knowing the pain and sufffering they are causing by placing politics before human need and sensitivities.

    Sam Klein

    It’s much worse today then it was 15 years ago when this letter was written. You need to apply for your child getting into any school a full year before you need to start school education for your child if you want any chance of getting them into a school.

    Today’s generation of raising our children has changed and parents are spoiling their children and giving in to all their children’s demands which is very bad for their ruchnius upbringing and future life ahead. Instead of doing the right thing and putting their foot down and saying NO to them you will get that toy or cell phone you want cause you’re too young for it and now is not the time for your age to be playing with smartphones. Parents sadly today are doing it completely wrong and giving in to all their children’s demands and then they wonder why their children go OTD R”L.

    Very sad to see what happened.


    No, my daughter does not have a school yet. But then again, my daughter is more than 25 years old.

    The Wolf


    I’m not being caustic in any way, just mere curiosity:

    This topic has been discussed and rehashed for at least 10 yrs already. Why haven’t the parent body of the rejected girls form their own school/s?
    Again, merely curious. I’m sure there’s a reason. I just want to know what it is.


    You think the parent body of these girls are big askonim that have the power to reach out to the schools or to open their own new school which requires tons of funding also?


    It cost a lot of money and requires much effort to start your own school. It is easy to say “sure just buy a building, hire staff, market it and presto you have a school. Problem solved”.


    True, it’s much easier to vent and criticize, make demands on all the existing schools, and get Rechnitz to publicly decry the situation, but I would have thought all the girls crying themselves to sleep would motivate some hustling.


    Rocky > It cost a lot of money and requires much effort to start your own school

    It does not have to be a big building. R Kamenetsky and R Ruderman (as well as many others) would go the yard of a Rebbe teaching grade X and spent their learning day there. Just find 5-10 girls of similar age and have 1 teacher for them, possibly with some of the learnt parents chipping in some of their time. Plus use computers and tapes.


    “No, my daughter does not have a school yet. But then again, my daughter is more than 25 years old.” I was thinking the same thing – except my youngest daughter is 28.


    AAQ-It sounds like you are suggesting what we call today homeschooling. I challenge you to ask any of the girls rejected from all schools that they applied to and say “how would like to be homeschooled by Mrs. Greenberg down the block? She has a computer with real buttons that work and a cassette player with lots of good tapes”. See how that will fly.

    If the parents with money don’t have their children rejected by schools and the only ones rejected are parents with average to below average incomes it is on the community as a whole to come up with a solution. That means a collective effort to develop a strategic plan to accommodate the constant growth (BH) that our community is known for. It is very nice that Roshei Yeshiva can get up in August and say that no school can open until every girl has a spot, but that is not a solution.

    The community has enough money to support our growth. The proof is in the increased materialism which should be obvious to all. If we can appeal to people with the means to apply their money for good we can solve this problem way before the month before school starts.


    I am suggesting smaller, more nibble, schools, or just singular classes. Possible separate for Jewish and secular subjects. This would let parents to find similar types of kids/families and teach them according to their common shitos instead of begging schools to address the shortcomings. Halocha encourages increased competition between teachers and prevents neighbors in a mavoy to object to the tumult – all in order to improve educational options.


    Smaller schools also means bigger costs. In order to increase the available seats it would make sense to improve the economies of scale. Every small school would need it’s own administration, support staff, overhead costs, fundraising efforts etc. If we are having enough trouble finding $ for what we have wouldn’t it make sense to lower costs not increase them. Think about the cost per student in BMG vs. a yeshiva of 30 boys.

    Girls schools also thrive on interaction with many friends and extra curricular activities. small schools would kill that.

    No matter how we cut it, unless someone from the YWN CR is willing and able to step up and fund a solution we are not accomplishing much.

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