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    Little Froggie

    You bet… and I had occasion to watch it.

    People, all gender, all ages all walks of life being taken over by that latest iToy. Wow! Two people sit down together, not a word between them, couples.. friends.. all so engrossed in their iToy.

    Watch a large waiting room.. lounge.. airport terminal.. not a peep .. ALL with their noses into that iThing. Rechargers, battery packs, earphones, earbuds, players. Apps, downloads, wifi, hotspots …

    How sad.

    My opinion is that when technology is totally controlling us.. it’s time to call quits. No. I don’t exist for my iToy. Emails and texting don’t RUN my life.. they’re here for my advantage.. I’ll read and respond to them.. at MY convenience. (and I just found it convenient to write this)




    How did you post this? Go with android and you’re in the clear.


    I use a Leapster. Don’t judge.


    At the supermarket where I work when I ask for the store savings card some people choose to look up the info through the store app on their smartphone it takes much longer than just giving their phone number or carrying a key tag but does not look nearly as cool.


    If you dont want an iwatch, dont get it, nobody is forcing you to buy one and its not even clear if its all hype or its going to sell. The screen is too small

    the plumber

    I love when old people come on and comment about things like this.

    They expect all of us to believe that when they were waiting in an airport or waiting room they did “productive” things.

    Bunch of garbage, they just read the magazines in the rack.

    They didnt make conversation with total strangers either.

    Little Froggie


    1) I’m not old

    2) People? I’m Froggie, in case you haven’t realized.

    3) Yes, I was at an airport, plane (no, not flying it this time)

    4) Nope, did MANY productive things.

    5) Nope, did NONE of the magazines in the rack.

    6) Used the abundance of time quiet efficiently.

    7) Did, in fact, make convo, interacted with MANY –

    – besides

    my seatmate (and others) too oblivious to the humans outside those toys. No, they came prepared with all their gadgets, toys, batteries, battery power packs, generators, antennas… he probably did not even notice me. (What a loss. Who wouldn’t want to claim they sat directly next to the Froggie?)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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